Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Ovenshire Remodel: Five Days In

We have officially been cleaning and fixing and painting and hammering, cutting and scrubbing and sweating and working on our house for five days now. We also have four more days until everything needs to be moved out of our apartment and into the house, the apartment cleaned and the keys handed over to our landlord.


I don't know how we're going to do it, but I know we will.

So far we have finished... well, nothing. We have worked day and night here and there and I can say minus a few more finishing touches, the kitchen is pretty much finished and the living room is right behind it. The bathroom is sparkly clean and the bedroom's carpet has been cleaned but still, there's a lot to do!

We decided last night that this morning we would take a small break and head over to the house a little later than usual. We were both so exhausted last night and poor Henry and Mason is so confused as to what is going on that we figured we deserved a couple extra hours just to relax.

Yesterday we bought new furniture for the living room and picked out a refrigerator. Thank God I work at Lowes because we would have spent at least $100 more on just the fridge if it weren't for my awesome managers and employees giving me crazy discounts and holding me off a few days until it goes on sale. Not to mention we got a good deal on the pieces of baseboards that we needed to finish in the living room and kitchen. We pick all of the big stuff up on Wednesday. We opted for two couches instead of a couch and love seat so that we would have that extra seat and although we thought we wanted a sectional, after thinking it over more, we decided against one. We like the flow of two couches better. Now we just need to find a new entertainment center and some end tables and we'll be set for one room! (Yes, one room with just days left to move...)

I painted all the baseboards in the living room and started painting the molding around the windows and doors while Jeremy put down a few missing pieces of baseboard in the living room and around the front door. Hopefully today we can get the rest of the baseboards down in the kitchen and finish painting all the molding in the living room and kitchen too. If we can get that finished, the living room will be finished completely! The kitchen just needs the ceiling fan cleaned and the skylights molding put up. So we may be able to finish up that room as well today.

We've already accepted that things will be no where near finished when we move. Our goal is to just get the living room and kitchen finished for now. They are the main living areas of the home anyway.

My family is coming up on Thursday to help us some, which will be nice considering we haven't packed one box to move. Our friends have been so helpful with everything, coming over all hours of the day and night to give their opinion or help with this and that. Not to mention the various tools and such we've borrowed that we didn't have. I don't know what we'd do without them.

Overall, things are progressing. It is taking a little longer than what we wanted, but we will get it done eventually and when it is finished, we can say we did it all!

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