Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Ovenshire Remodel: Day 12

Well, we've officially moved in (sort of)!

Tonight will make our 4th night in our house. The first night was rough for me, I hate adjusting to new places, new noises... etc. Henry and Jeremy seemed to sleep just fine though. Stinky is loving the place, he's basking in the simple fact that the dog cannot and will not even try to learn how to get up the stairs so he can escape whenever he wants to get away from him. Mason is enjoying the backyard, chasing birds and trying out every cushion on our new couches. Henry is loving all the new room to crawl and I can already tell I'm going to have a time with him when he starts walking. He's a handful!

We've made a few new purchases so far; the couches, the entertainment center, the rug and lots and lots of little things here and there. I've loved every last one of them and every time we put something else in a room it makes it feel more and more like home. Our kitchen is completely finished minus a few bar-stools and the bathroom and living room is pretty close behind it. I haven't even started on our room or Henry's (although right now they're combined). My biggest concern is the main living areas, the yard and then the rest of the house. First I have to finish unpacking totes and boxes, which has proved to be more work than what I ever imagined it would be.

Overall things are coming together. We're all happy and looking forward to bonfires and cookouts in the backyard. We are so blessed and we know it!

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  1. Your home is going to be so adorable! You have an eye for detail and I am sure that will reflect in your decorations.


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