Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

For Father's Day Henry bought Jeremy tickets to the Reds game this past Monday. We were all so excited to go!

Although it was a little early - Henry received his first birthday gift from us. Doesn't he just look adorable in his hat? He really looked so cute, I couldn't get over it. The hat is put away again now - he'll get it back on his birthday.

He was so good at the game too! He sat in my lap and didn't fuss at all until about the 7th inning. He flirted a lot with the ladies behind us and I think they paid more attention to him than what they did the game. By the time we got back to the trolley, he was fast asleep. I think he had a great time though.

The Reds won too! That always makes for a great time.

Jeremy surprised me with a stay at the Raddison. He was so excited to see the weiner mobile parked outside of the hotel when we got back.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

Our view was amazing from our room. Normally I wouldn't trade a beautiful mountain or body of water for the city anytime but I really enjoyed it. We had a late night meal of White Castle and then crashed for the night.

In the morning we did some exploring. We drove around Covington awhile, found all the riverboats and then drove up and down downtime Cincinnati for about an hour. When we finally did get on the road, we stopped in Blue Ash to have chili at an 'authentic' Cincinnati chili place and then stopped at Jungle Jims and Ikea on our way home.

I had such a wonderful time and so did Jeremy and Henry!


  1. Did you go to Blue Ash Chili?? James is obsessed with that place. Seriously!

  2. haha I was just about to ask the same question Stephanie! I miss my home town!!!


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