Sunday, July 01, 2012

Prego Brain

I swear it's a year later and I still have a bit of pregnancy brain hanging on. I could have SWORE that I sat down about a year or so ago with my mother-in-law and wrote down all of Jeremy's family's address' in my address book. I sat down tonight to get all of Henry's 1st birthday invitations filled out and ready to mail tomorrow and there is maybe 2 people in my entire book that is related to my husband. My husband even remembers me doing this - I feel like I've gone half insane!

I know me and I remember pregnant me pretty well - I probably went to my in-laws, sat down to write down these address', got to talking and never did it. Still, it's driving me crazy. I've even went as far as to start digging through a few totes that have still gone unpacked thinking that maybe I just wrote them in or on something else and it never made it to my book. But that really doesn't make much sense to me; I love my address book!

Soo... I'm going to blame it on pregnancy brains because that HAS to be what it is. That or I really am crazy.  Is there a pinch test or something for craziness out there?

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