Monday, July 30, 2012

Henry's Puppy Themed First Birthday Party!

Well, I believe Henry's first birthday party went pretty darn great if I do say so myself! We had an amazing turnout (I think our final count was around 45 people) and everyone seemed to have a great time (minus the heat).

This was my food spread - I made the banners behind the table with scrapbook paper and then sewed them together. (I've been putting my new found love for my sewing machine to good use lately.) I taped down photos of Henry from birth to 12 months down the front of the table and then used all red, white and brown decorations. I served some things in dog bowls and the rest on matching plates, bowls and platters.

Besides the main dishes of hotdogs, hamburgers, 'dogs' in-a-blanket, 'pup'corn, chips and dip, baked beans and mac'n'cheese, we had LOTS of desserts. We had a cupcake tree with both chocolate and white cake/icing. The chocolate cupcakes had toppers that I made out of construction paper and printed designs that I had created and the white had paw-prints made from junior mints and upside-down chocolate chips.

I also made dog-bone sugar cookies with chocolate sprinklers in addition to a mini-candy bar.

I made all of the chocolate and peanut butter suckers as well and a HUGE batch of puppy-chow - which seemed to be everyone's favorite.

I attached little dogs and bones to a lot of things to make them stand out - like my fork and spoon cup holders here.

I also had a special area set up for the kids - a picnic table of coloring pages and crayons, as well as a puppy adoption center and grab bags - all of which I made myself!

I made a matching banner to put around Henry's high-chair and added a puppy in the center of it as well.

He received a TON of gifts - a lot of books, bubbles and fun things that make loads of noise.

He didn't care at all to open any of them, instead he just picked up a thing or two and played with it while I opened all of his gifts.

He did however, enjoy his birthday cupcake. I used just a single, white candle for his candle because I hate the number candles - I think they're just tacky.

Jeremy spent most of his time at the grill but had plenty of company around him most of the time.

Henry was super excited to see his best-friend Layla in attendance. I'm sure he'll be excited to show her how to play with all of his new toys one day this week!

We felt so extremely blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. Jeremy and I have said many times in the past week that things couldn't have gone better and that while it was hot and miserable out, everyone seemed to have such a great time. We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives, especially our little boy who I think will have a wonderful first birthday to look back at and enjoy!

(P.S. - I stuck to my guns and didn't take ANY photos!! Most of these photos were taken by my sister Sara and cousin Stephanie. Thanks for helping out guys! You're the best!)


  1. The first birthday party which themed as Henry is awesome for an enjoyment. You have gather very interesting fact which enjoyed by every people in the party. Extraordinary effort you have done.

  2. I had a really good time! I'm so glad my amazing photography work was put to use in your blog! HAHA!


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