Friday, July 06, 2012

Walking, Talking and Other New Things

Yes, I know this will be my second blog post in the matter of like an hour, but you won't mind, right?

I like to use this space to keep my family, friends and myself updated on my life and I'm pretty sure it's been a little while on my standards since my last 'update' blog.

As many of you know, Henry will be turning one in 13 days. That's less than 2 weeks and I am in no way prepared. I fully expect myself to wake up that morning and just start bawling. My baby is no longer a little baby and I swear to you I can not find where the last 12 months have gone.

He is showing his age though! Check it out:

Yup, he's now walking! He's been attempting to walk for several weeks now but this week he prefers to stumble around everywhere he goes rather than to crawl. This was the best I could do to get it on camera and it just dumbfounds me to think that in a short amount of time, he will be walking most of the time. Although, I will have to say that this may make some trips nicer - carrying him all the time is not always fun.

He has also been talking. Although most words are just jibber-jabber to us, Jeremy and I both agree that he says 'Hello' quite often - usually while holding one of our cell phones to his ear. It's cute and it's amazing all at the same time. He also says 'WHOA!' a lot. I think it's probably one of the cutest words a kid can say. At least it is when he says it.

In other news - Jeremy and I have been trying and trying (and trying) to get pregnant again. We're ready for Henry to be a big brother and although it hasn't happened yet, I'm sure it will eventually. We don't want a lot of age between children and at this point, we feel like that gap is getting almost larger than what we'd prefer. Call us crazy, we're okay with that.

We still plan on going on vacation in a few weeks but we still have no idea where. I want to see family - he wants to see the beach and neither of us want to spend the money. It makes for a tough decision. We're considering going down to Virginia, spending a weekend with family and then driving over to Virginia beach. It may be the best of both worlds. We'll see. I still kinda wanna go to Chicago. But I don't know about that either. We'll decide last minute. We're good like that.

Otherwise, life has been crazy busy. I swear I don't know where each week goes and if I don't get my butt in gear, I'm going to be scrambling to get all the cool things I had planned for Henry's party put together last minute. I have conquered a few new things on my sewing machine and Henry's chocolate paw-print suckers turned out PERFECT. I feel like I've got this creative groove going on that I hope never leaves. We're buying a jeep and Brandon is buying Jeremy's truck so for the first time ever, we will be a truck-less family. The house is still slowly coming together and although we didn't get as much accomplished as what we'd like so far, it will all be done in due time. At least we don't have a loan to pay off, right?

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