Friday, July 06, 2012


I had this great intention of trying some sparkler light writing for my Focus52 prompt this week and unfortunately it just didn't happen. I had a GREAT turnout for my mini-sessions though and was just tickled pink at the enthusiasm of my clients. It was the 2nd hottest day of the year thus far and although I tried to set up in the shade and kept plenty of water close-by, I know everyone was sticky and just plain hot.

I had an awesome assistant though. She kept us in water, watched the time, collected payments and wrote receipts. I had her standing on her tip-toes on a very-shaky chair holding a flag and she never grumbled once about any of it. Although her house was just a short distance away, she pushed through the 3 straight hours of sessions and the hour of setting up before without once taking a break. She's the best!

Not only was this my first time doing a mini-session like this, but it was also the first time that I've ever had pets as one of the main focuses of a shoot. I learned very quickly that it's extremely hard to get two dogs focused in your direction when they are in a new place with new smells and dogs in backyards barking at them. We still got a bunch of good photos though!

Don't they look festive in their bandannas and hat?

Although I have a ton of 'celebration' photos from my sessions, I'm choosing to use this one for our prompt this week. This is little Amber. Amber has a birth defect in which the blood vessels in her brain continually expand and grow. Because of this birth-defect, Amber has to have surgery almost every month and each time it seems to take her a little while longer to recover. There is no cure for what she has and these surgeries are really just a way for her family to buy more time. She does not talk much and she's just learning to walk but every milestone for her mother and her family is precious to them. Amber had just been released from the hospital hours before our session after a 2 1/2 week stay. So this week I am celebrating with her family.

What else am I celebrating?

I am celebrating freedom.
I am celebrating family, friends and pets.
I am celebrating milestones.
I am celebrating the little things - because often these are the things that are most important and yet so easily forgotten.


  1. What a shot...Amber is beautiful and the shot is timeless! Wonderful post.

  2. congrats on your mini-sessions! it looks like they turned out great :)

  3. Excellent post and photos, Jenn.
    Little Amber just broke my heart. Bless her.


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