Thursday, August 09, 2012

Cabinets, toys and a homecoming.

To my standards, I haven't exactly blogged in awhile. Actually, I've been 'unplugging' more often lately than what I have in years. The internet seems to be losing is allure and I've found myself the last few days nose deep in a book and focusing more around life in general rather than Facebook, Pinterest and yes, even Blogger.

I had a wonderful photo session on Monday night and met some wonderful people and even editing their photos seemed to be a chore - usually one of my favorite parts of photography. I just have no interest in this screen this week. Maybe my vacation did me a little too much good.

Aside from that, I have missed writing and so I thought I'd make an effort to blog although I don't have anything HUGE to blog about. Okay. Maybe I do.

Ready for it?

My brother is returning home for a couple of weeks today. After a tour in Afghanistan and a short debriefing in Texas, he is finally going to land in Ohio (hopefully) before midnight tonight. I plan on being at the airport because honestly, I love seeing him come through those gates and although I haven't cried in the past, something tells me that I will tonight. I've cried on several occasions thinking of him lately, not because I am sad but because I am SO grateful that God kept his mighty hand over him while he was serving in the war.

I am excited for him to be home and to spend time with him myself, but more so, I am excited for him to see Henry - to see how he has grown and changed and how much he loves his bubble-blowing Mater that he got him for his birthday.

I've notice lately that more than ever, my every thought revolves around Henry. I cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen just for him to stash his toys in. He loves opening the door and crawling into this little world of his and hiding toys or digging toys out. I even considered the possibility of Henry being our only child and in truth, it didn't sadden me the way that I thought it would. Don't get me wrong, I am longing to have another baby - but if we were never to conceive again, I think I'd be okay with just Henry. He is just a perfect little boy.

Aside from the usual, life has been unusually pleasant as of late. I feel like Jeremy and I have connected on a more intimate level than ever before, like this invisible bond formed creating a peace and an understanding about the joys and pains we will endure for the rest of our lives. Henry is absolutely in love with his wagon and when we take him on walks with it, we put Cohen in to ride along. I can't help but look at the two of them and smile - a boy, his dog and his red wagon. How could one not presume that life is just about perfect?

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  1. I love the new blog design! And sometimes, unplugging is good for the soul. I did the same thing in July.


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