Sunday, August 12, 2012


I really don't get people.

Here's the thing; there are few things, very, very few things in life that are easy. I was always taught that if anything is worth something it's going to take work! I think if everyone could grasp this concept, we'd all be in better shape. But alas, my opinion doesn't count for a whole lot in the entire scheme of the world.

Still, to grunt around, wishing and dreaming that things will just up and magically change is just plain ignorant. Here are a few things based around that theory that have just drove me absolutely nuts as of late.

-'When I win the lottery'.
Let's face it. You are probably not going to win the lottery. If you really want that patio set, save up the money and buy the damn thing. Quit throwing that money into lottery tickets every day and start saving it instead. It'll add up. Promise.

-Welfare, Job and Family Services and 'Cheating' the System.
When there are people out there who really do need help feeding, housing and clothing their children then I have no problem with them being on assistance. What drives me absolutely fricken bonkers is going through the grocery line behind someone chatting on their IPhone, throwing junk food onto the conveyor belt and talking about how they have all this 'extra' money to spend this week on beer, cigarettes, clothes, concert tickets, etc, etc, etc. It makes my blood boil when my husband and I bust our butts to provide for ourselves and our son and go without when they're floating around blowing OUR money like it grows on trees. We are paying for this nonsense you know and we'll continue to pay until our nation undergoes some radical change.

-Beating 'The Man'
I got news for ya. Unless you are 'The Man' you are never going to beat him. He has you by the balls and the truth is, in our economy, you can't really afford to snide behind his back at every chance. If you hate your job so much, find another. You are not making anyone's job easier, including your own, by complaining every two minutes about how horrible it is to show up every day. Ya know what else I've noticed? It's usually the ones that do all the complaining that don't do a lick of work. Maybe 'The Man' needs to be on top of you all the time - just sayin'.

-Mindless Spending
Can you borrow $3 for lunch? No, no you can't. I'd hate to see you starve but I watched you last night buy a whole cart full of things that you didn't need, I'm pretty sure that your new phone didn't pay for itself and I noticed that you've had your nails done again in the past week. So no. Return something, go beg someone else but you will get no sympathy from me. Oh yeah - quit complaining about how poor and how horrible that you have it too. It's really not true, you just don't think before you buy.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood because I have to put up with the same people every weekend tell me about how poor they are, how horrible our jobs are, how terrible their lives are and how much we should all feel sorry for them. I don't buy into it and it really just peeves me off. They think I'm a bitch because I refuse to sympathize but I really don't care. People are seriously ridiculous sometimes and I. Just. Don't. Get. It!


  1. Oh Jenn! How I love you! I am the same exact way. I know so many people, many of them family, that will complain about their situation but don't do a damn thing to improve it. I've been asked if they can borrow money and when I say no, I'm the biggest piece of shit. They can think what they want. I've worked for EVERYTHING I have and no one helped me out by paying for me or footing the bill. I 100% believe that you get from life what you put into it. James and I are working hard to have the life we want for ourselves and Connor and if that means I tell you no or I have to do without to have A over B than so be it. But in the meantime, I don't want to hear about how bad you have it when you haven't worked a day in your life.

    1. Amen sister! I knew there was a reason that you're one of my favorite family members. :)


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