Wednesday, August 01, 2012

DIY Wall Art

I found about 30 minutes to myself this evening while Henry was playing with Daddy to get a little creative. I am a lover (and collector) of quotes. Love quotes, inspirational quotes, quirky quotes and a lot of quotes by C.S. Lewis and John Green. I started the process tonight of transferring some quotes to random cardboard boxes and such that I've been recycling for this very reason. I even made my own modge-podge to use; I'd give you the recipe but I eyeballed it.

It's something a long the lines of 1 cup of flour + 1 1/2 cups of water + 1/4 cup of sugar + a 1/3 cup vinegar. I'm sure that modge-podge works better than the homemade stuff but I use it and love it - I mean, it gets the job done.

Anyway, if you have some favorite quotes, an empty cereal box and a few minutes, try your hand at it! It's super easy and super fun!

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