Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bucket List Tuesdays

It's Tuesday which means it's time to link-up with me and tell me one thing that's on your bucket list and one thing that you've been blessed enough to cross off!

On The List:

I'd love to be a professional photographer. And by professional, I mean someone who is absolutely persistent in their quality of work, someone who is confident in what they're doing and someone who is respected in their field of work. I'm working on it. I have a small client base, but it's a client base. I am confident when it comes to some sessions and a nervous willy when it comes to others. My equipment however is anything but professional. I still use the original camera that Jeremy surprised me with almost four years ago and it was the cheapest model (clearanced from the year before) that we could buy. But, it was all that we could afford and as much as I'd like to go out and just buy a new camera - it's not that easy. Cameras are expensive and considering the four or five lenses I have for this one, I'll stick with it as long as it will be useful to me.

Crossed Off:

I know I've only been married for four years. I know that my marriage could potentially crash and burn at any time or it could blossom into something even more precious than what it is right now. But no matter what happens, and no matter what the future brings, the marriage that I have now and have had for the past four years has been one of the most beautiful parts of my entire life.

Not to mention, we have this little boy - and really, does it get any more beautiful than that?


  1. i love that photo of henry! i also aspire to be a professional photographer :)

    1. You take BEAUTIFUL photos! Hey if you ever want to co-shoot a wedding with me, I'd be more than happy to take you! ;)

    2. thanks jenn! i've done some professional work on and of but next weekend i'm actually shooting my first official wedding(i've second shot one) this weekend! i am super nervous but also excited, so wish me luck :)


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