Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I'm linking up with Stephanie for another Thankful Thursday. This week I'm thankful for:

- One good stinkin' friend to spend a day with here and there. I don't know why I have such an issue making friends (well, I do - I'm picky, seriously.) but I'm so thankful that I have Jessica to go chill with from time to time. Plus - there's nothing better than watching her 1 year old play with my 1 year old. They are super cute together and destined to be together for life (I've got this planned. They obviously don't have a say in the matter.)

- Our house being so crappily painted that I don't feel a bit reluctant to throw a new color on the wall and call it good. Especially upstairs. I've been working on Henry's room and if it had been painted something semi-normal and semi-nice (it's bright flippin' smiley-face yellow right now; it makes me want to puke) then I would have been much more reluctant to paint. But it looks so great so far and I can't wait to get it finished.

- Being stronger than what I thought. We took Henry to get his first haircut yesterday. I know that sounds stupid and typical, but I got up to the door and almost turned right back around. I didn't want my little boy's hair to be gone. I will admit that he looks so much better, but all of me just wanted to cry. He's growing up way too fast and I want it to stop. Right now! But I didn't cry and I he held my hand the entire time - almost if to say 'We've got this mom.'

- Heat. I am so thankful for heat. We haven't been able to turn our heat on because Henry threw a bunch of junk down our registers and Jeremy still hasn't gotten downstairs to take them down and clean them out. He has plans to do it tonight but let me tell you - we've been freezing to death the last few nights and mornings. I slept with the heating blanket last night and Henry curled up close to my side. We stayed warm as a bug in rug together but it's freezing this morning.

-Hoodies. With all that being said, I'm so, so thankful for hoodies.

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You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.