Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Henry's First Hair-Cut

Someone had his very first hair-cut today! It wasn't exactly planned, just something Jeremy and I decided needed to be done while we were out and about today so I didn't have my camera. So I have like 2 crappy cell-phone pics. But, it will do.

He did a really great job, he sat still pretty much the entire time. He got upset once towards the end when the lady brought the buzzers out, but otherwise it didn't phase him at all!

I'm so proud of my little boy - and, although I hated seeing his little curls go, he really does look much better now.

If you want your heart to be filled to the max - have a little boy. Sometimes I don't know how I stand it.


  1. Awww he looks so concerned about his haircut. He is just adorable!

  2. asher had his hair cut for this first time last week also! why is it so heartbreaking!?

    1. I don't know! Maybe because it makes us realize that they're growing up? It doesn't really matter why, I just hate it! Hah!


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