Thursday, September 06, 2012

That's MY Peanut Butter

I go grocery shopping once a week and I absolutely, will not, under any circumstance go more than that. If I forget something, it can wait until next week and if it's really that dire - my husband can pick it up. Once a week - that's it!

Yesterday was my once-a-week trip. I almost didn't go because Little Bit was feeling like poop but with Monday spent doing everything not productive, with me feeling like poop on Tuesday and my need to make a trip south today, I kinda had to. 

So I piled Henry and I into the car, made our 15 minute trip to town and did some groceryin'. I was totally unprepared for this trip and it was obvious - I didn't have a clue as to what I was going to make for dinner for the next week, I didn't have a list, no coupons, and I had to call my husband once I'd been through the store to ask him what he wanted because I had a total of like 3 things. This is totally unlike me but I didn't really care - I hated dragging Henry out and I honestly would have rather stayed home myself.

I grab a few other things that hubby requested and then head towards the check-out. When I find a line that's not backed into the next century and finally get my things loaded on the belt, the lady in front of me steals my peanut butter.

Seriously, just like that.

I tell her, 'M'am, I think you took my peanut butter.'

I can understand accidently grabbing someone's item when they're so crammed together, but peanut butter was one of the few things that I had gotten to eat that week and I really didn't want to go without, or worse, go back and grab another jar. I figured she'd just put it back and explain that she had the same kind and thought it was hers. I get that. Things happen.

But no. The woman gives me this evil look and sets the peanut butter on the belt with her items telling me, "I'm pretty sure that this is my peanut butter. You must have things mixed up."

I blinked. That's all I could do for a minute - blink. I knew this was my peanut butter. For one, I only had a few items and for two, I watched her take it from my side of the black divider. That was my peanut butter!

 I wasn't sure what to do at this point but I sure as hell was not going to let this woman walk away with my peanut butter. Not only had she been a real snoot to me, but like I said before - I wanted my peanut butter.

So I told her again, "M'am, I'm pretty sure you took my peanut butter. Are you sure you're not the one that mixed things up?"

She laughed at me. Seriously laughed. I was starting to get annoyed and the poor lady working the register looked like a deer in headlights - she didn't know what to do. I raised my eyebrows and waited for her comment but she didn't have one, instead, she turned to the lady working the register and made her go back and unpack every last one of her bags until *gasp* she found her stupid peanut butter.

I wanted to say something. I wanted to be the bully kid and shove a 'told you so' right into her face - but I didn't. Instead I smiled smugly as she put my peanut butter back on my side of the divider, finished checking out and hurried off to the parking lot.

I told my husband about what happened when he got home from work and he just laughed. He couldn't believe that I stood my ground so firmly over a jar of peanut butter and he (along with myself) was dumbfounded at the nerve of some people. But in the end, I came home with my jar of peanut butter - and when I sit on the couch and eat a big spoonful tonight, I'm not going to be able to fight off that awesome feeling of victory.


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    1. I do too and so does my little man. I would have been lost without it!

  2. Yes!!! I would have stood my ground too! People are crazy at the grocery store.


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