Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dear Jeremy

Dear Jeremy,
Today you turn thirty. I know it's kind of a big deal, even though you don't act like it. Just think, you've been blessing this world with all of your sarcastic comments and humor for three whole decades. That's one heck of an accomplishment dear.
But it's more than that, it's more than just the number 30, it's about celebrating you and the amazing person that you are. It's about celebrating the day that  you were born, because without your birth, you would not have changed your little part of the world the way that you have.

There would be no me and you.
There would be no first date to the scrap yard and Muncie with Taco Bell for dinner.
There would be no engagement with  'Step Brothers' and Eldean Bridge.
There would be no church wedding on December 23, 2008, with just our families.
There would be no honeymoon to Daytona where we left open the balcony doors and listened to the music of the ocean all night long.
There would be no 11 N. Walnut St. with a lack of heat in the dead-middle of winter.
There would be no celebration of our one year anniversary at Outback and NightSky.
There would be no tiny apartment on High St. with Pete, Patty and pumpkins.
There would be no pregnancy test sitting on the bathroom counter on a day home sick from work.
There would be no birth of our Little Bit on a date of all odd numbers.
There would be no heart-stopping Sherrif's auction where we were the only ones to bid.
There would be no house in Pleasant Hill with 'an abundance of wieners'.
There would be no bonfires in the backyard.
There would be no first birthday party.

And no 30th birthday party.

My life wouldn't be the same today without your birth and I don't even want to think of living a minute without you. You are my other half, dear. And I want you to know that I will be here not only for your 30th birthday, but for your 40th and your 50th and your 60th and hopefully on up from there. You're stuck with me in all of my rotten, stubborn ways. I hope that the next thirty years will only be sweeter than these last thirty and I hope that as we age, we will only grow closer together.

You are such a wonderful father, minus the parts where you forget to do the little things, but we can just look past that. Your my favorite person in this world, and even when all others fail us, we'll always have one another. I couldn't have picked a better husband.

I love you so much. Happy Birfday baby!

Your Wife


  1. What a cute post. Happy Birthday to your husband!


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.