Friday, November 16, 2012

But I Worked For It!

Okay, I'm going to vent because honestly, I have no one else to vent to and this is my blog so I'm allowed to anyway. I don't see where people get off, or how they live with themselves in some situations.

I have a brother who just drives me completely crazy. Everything he does makes me say 'really?!'. I have tried my best to do everything right in my life. I got good grades in school, I worked, I volunteered, I grew up, started college, got married, continued working, had a child, bought a house...etc, etc. I never asked for help or expected someone just to hand something to me just because I wanted it. I made sacrifices and I worked my butt off to have what I do and yet, I'm treated like I'm stuck-up or snotty just because I wanted to better myself and to rise above the situation that we were always in as children.

My brother however, he thinks that the world owes him something and he has no problem taking everything he can whenever he can get it. He lives with his girlfriend who he claims is his wife but they won't get married because that would take away from their government assistance. She's also on social security and his decent-paying job is under the table so that again, the government can't take away any of their assistance. Their rent is paid for by the government, their bills are paid for by the government, and wouldn't you know - they have ALL kinds of money for all of the things they could ever want. She gets a phone with a certain amount of minutes from the government each month, their groceries are paid for by the government and so is her healthcare. When Jeremy and I found out we were pregnant, her comment to us and to my brother was 'Well that's just stupid, we've been together longer so we should be the ones having a baby. Not you.'

I almost hit her and wouldn't you know, she ended up pregnant not long after.

Yay! More assistance!

So I'm sorry if it ticks me off when you rub it into my face that you have the newest cell phone, the huge tv, the brand new car and all the money in the world to blow on your drugs and fun. I work hard for what I have and I'm proud of that. Yeah, we drive old, used cars and my phone is 'stupid' instead of smart. I cut coupons because otherwise we couldn't afford all of our groceries and our tv isn't very big. And no, my son isn't wearing a $50 outfit, but a $4 one that was bought used from the consignment store. At least I know I worked for it. And at least I value something more than money and toys.

End rant. If you made it all the way thought that, just ignore it all. I just needed to get it all out for once.


  1. I would rather have nothing and know that I work my butt off rather then have everything and have others paying for it. Go you!!!!

  2. Someday it will catch up to them. And when you get old and look back on your life, you will smile knowing you did everything right and raised your children with integrity.

  3. OM Gosh...I swear we could have the same family. My brother is married to his second wife and their whole family is that way. She has an older son who is now out living with his girlfriend and my brothers wife is teaching him everything he needs to know to live off the government...AND now they just announced they are going to have a baby. YEA..MORE OF MY TAX MONEY!! But yes..we are the snobby jerks because we PAY for our own stuff.

    You are doing the right thing and don't let those butt heads make you feel bad!!


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.