Thursday, November 22, 2012


I was tempted this year to follow the Facebook trend of posting daily what I am thankful for but I resisted, I resisted because this time next year I cannot return to a list and see all that I was thankful for the year before like I can if I just post a full list here.  Jeremy and I have sat down in the past and created a 'thankful' list, but considering that both he and Henry are passed out on the couch (I'm assuming it was the homemade pancakes I made for them this morning and the soothing band music from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade that did them in) I am taking it upon myself to do it alone. I must say, however, that my list will be lacking. I have so much to be thankful for, so very very much!

I am thankful for God and His guidance in our lives, His mercy, love and for salvation.
I am thankful for Jeremy and his willingness to put up with my moody butt.
I am thankful for Henry and the joy he brings to my life every single day.
I am thankful for two pain-in-the-butt dogs who keep me company and are the best of listeners.
I am thankful that I live in America, where I am free to do and believe what I please without persecution or worry.
I am thankful for American soldiers who serve to keep our country free, especially my brother.
I am thankful for my grandmother, who taught me how to be a respectful human-being.
I am thankful for my dad, for trying his best.
I am thankful for Jeremy's parents for treating me like one of their own (and often taking my side on things).
I am thankful that Jeremy and I both have jobs that pay our bills and allow us to live comfortably.
I am thankful for clean water to drink and fresh food to eat.
I am thankful for a reliable vehicle.
I am thankful for the quiet, easiness of Pleasant Hill, Ohio.
I am thankful for family and friends to share good times and memories with.
I am thankful for a warm house that is my own.
I am thankful for the ability to make weekly trips to Miamisburg.
I am thankful for quiet moments spent between just Jeremy and I.
I am thankful for my little business, even if I've had to push it to the side a bit lately.
I am thankful that Jeremy has only a couple weeks of college left.
I am thankful for holidays and the warm feeling that it brings to be surrounded by your family.

I am thankful that I can be me. I can create, and live and laugh freely without concern and I know that I have an amazing support-system and family that love me regardless.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it brings you as much joy as it's bringing me!


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.