Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Christmas Post and a Tag!

Laura over at Mouse in the Kitchen tagged me for a Christmas traditions post and I have to say, I am so excited! I love Christmas, EVERYTHING about Christmas. I love making our yearly Christmas card, I love watching Christmas movies, I love watching my loved ones open their presents, I love snow and ornaments and crafting and eating and that overall sense of joy and cheer. Like I said...everything.

So here's the deal - pick five bloggers that you want to know more about their Christmas traditions. Tag the bloggers you picked and have them write up a post with the answers to the five questions.

1.) What makes Christmas such a special holiday for you and your family?
First of all, the celebration of Christ's birthday. But for Jeremy, Henry and I, it's one of the few times a year that we can wake up and really have family time. I know that sounds somewhat ridiculous, but life is SO rushed all of the time. Every day one of us is rushing off to work early in the morning and if we do happen to have a day off together, we usually lay around until at least the afternoon. Christmas morning we wake up and it's like nothing is more important than having breakfast, opening gifts from one another and just being together (and present) as a family.

Henry and I last Christmas morning.
2.) Were you told the truth about Santa Claus by your parents or did you find out another way? you plan on lying to your kids (if you have them or plan on having them)?
My father is a true hater of Santa. Like - I'm surprised he even celebrates Christmas anymore because of Santa and how commercialized the holiday has become. I'm sure there was a short period of time when we were really little the we believe in Santa, but I don't remember it. He told us early on that Santa was not 'real' and that he had stolen the spirit of Christmas. (It's not as depressing as it sounds, I promise.) Last year I was pretty sure I was never going to have Santa be a big deal in my home, but this year I've backed away from that just a bit. We took Henry to see Santa at the mall and I think at this point my plan is to teach Henry about the REAL Santa and relate him to Christ and the spirit of giving as much as I can. I just want him to know the true meaning of Christmas and not become too obsessed with Santa. I do know I will not be subscribing to the 'naughty list' concept. I think that the fact that Santa delivers presents whether we are naughty or nice all year is a true testament to God's grace!

3.) Real tree or fake tree?
I have never had a real tree. I had a fake tree growing up (which my father usually destroyed before Christmas) and I have a fake tree now. Perhaps when Henry gets a bit older we'll go tree-hunting and have a real tree, but right now I just don't want to deal with the mess. It just doesn't seem worth it to me right at the moment. I am kinda picky about my trees though - they have to have white lights and the have to be FULL of ornaments. Right now my tree mostly is full of bulbs, but one day I hope it will be full of personal ones.

Some of our new ornaments this year, I just love them all.

4.) Do you open presents on Christmas morning, Christmas Eve, or both?
Both. I like the tradition of opening a gift on Christmas Eve, but I also love saving most of the presents for Christmas morning. This year and last we got Henry a new pair of Christmas pj's and a book to read before bed. I think I'll carry on that tradition, it just seems fitting for Christmas Eve.

His first Christmas pj's.
5.) What is your favorite Christmas move to watch and Favorite Christmas song to sing or listen to?
White Christmas is probably by far my favorite Christmas movie, but honestly, I pretty much love them all. As far as songs go, again, I pretty much love them all, but the last couple of years I have been OBSESSED with Brandon Heath's "The Night Before Christmas'. I love the message and we all know that I love him...err, his voice.  ;)

Tag! You're it!

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  2. I just love the picture of you and Henry together last Christmas he is so cute!! I do agree it's so hard because you want to teach your children the real reason we celebrate Christmas and to learn about the TRUE present being Christ birth. Great post!! :)

  3. Thanks for the tag Jenn! I'll try to do this tonight. :)

  4. I promise to play as soon as I feel better!

  5. Hi Jenn ~ I'm so glad you participated in the tag and continued to tag more bloggers!

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  6. thanks for the tag jenn, i always appreciate it :) i'm on a bit of a blogging break but maybe once school starts back up for me i will return. hope all is well with you and that you had a nice Christmas!


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