Thursday, January 10, 2013

Circumcisions, minimizing, and reasons as to why I'm so odd.

My life is strange. I know this, I've accepted this and I've even began to welcome this with open arms. So when I called my dad yesterday for the first time in about six months and he told me he'd just had surgery, I was pretty alarmed. Then when he told me the surgery was actually a circumcision, I didn't know whether to laugh or just hang up the phone immediately. So I did neither. I sat in stunned silence while he went on about how it was something he always wanted done and how he was still bleeding and wasn't sure if that was a good thing and needed someone to go get his antibiotics...jibber, jibber, jabber. All I could think was that I couldn't believe my father just told me this and that I'd rather have not known. But my dad - well, he's honest to a fault most of the time. (No Santa in our house growing up!) So I've come to accept that he doesn't have a filter, or the ability to be embarrassed. Between him and my husband, my ability to become embarrassed has quickly diminished over the years as well. I mean, it can still happen - but it takes a LOT and it's not very often.

If you ever meet my husband, you will immediately understand.

Going in a different direction here, I've decided to begin spring cleaning with a minimalist's frame of mind. I saw this article that challenged you to minimize your personal possessions down to 100 things. This didn't include items shared by the family, books or household items such as dishes and such, but I thought it was wonderful. I'm pretty sure there is no way I could minimize my own personal items to 100 things, I probably own 100 pieces of clothing myself (and then some). But as I'm going through the house, I want to get rid of a A LOT and that's going to be hard for me because I tend to attach memories to things. Sooo...I'm going to go into this thinking, 'is this 1 of the 100 things I would keep' and if it isn't, at least ponder as to whether or not it proves any kind of real use to us as a family. We'd like to expand our family and I just want to de-clutter as much from our lives as possible. Our house isn't very large and we lack some serious storage (We have a whopping total of 4 closets in the entire house, and one of them is barely big enough for a vacuum cleaner) so I need to do this. Wish me luck.

I began to think, what are some 'for sure' items on my list and this is what I have so far (in random order). What 'for sure' items would be on your list of 100?

1.) My willow tree collection.
2.) My cell phone.
3.) My grandfather's hat.
4.) My computer.
5.) My wallet.
6.) Green purse.
7.) Brown purse.
8.) My camera and lenses.
9.) My wedding rings.
10.) My crochet hooks.
11.) My mason jars.
12.) My grey peacoat.
13.) My sewing machine.
14.) My art supplies.
15.) My necklace/earrings with Henry's birthstone.

You can see how this would add up quickly. It said you could count collections as one 'item' but after I thought about it, I guess I don't really collect much. Do you collect anything?


  1. Wow...down to only 100. Can I count all the junk in my home as one collection??? :)

    You are sol darn will rock "the talk" without being embarrassed easily!!


  2. I think being a minimalist is awesome..I need to work on that.

  3. What a good, challenging, necessary idea. Looking around my house I think this is something I should consider implementing. Good luck with your 100 items!

  4. I collect Willow Trees as well. It's about my only vice! I would have to pick many of the photos we have. Like you, I love photography!


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