Monday, January 14, 2013


I saw this over at Mouse in the Kitchen and thought it looked fun so I decided to join in! Go ahead and steal it for yourself if you'd like, it's always fun to get to know one another a little more!

{A} Age: 25 going on 60!
{B} Bed size: King, as of last year - and I was just thinking last night how it doesn't matter whether you have a twin sized bed or a king sized bed, you'll still have your one year old's knees and elbows in your back all night long!
{C} Chore you hate: Folding and putting away laundry, I despise it! 
{D} Dogs: Two dachshunds, two years apart - Mason and Cohen.
{E} Essential start to your day: Just two minutes to myself, whether that be laying in bed or hiding in the bathroom!
{F} Favorite color: Orange, followed by pink, blue and green. I hate picking one anymore!
{G} Gold or Silver: Silver. Gold is great too, but I prefer silver.
{H} Height: 5' 3"
{I} Instruments you play: None really. I can tap out a tune or two on a keyboard and guitar, but nothing substantial on anything.
{J} Job Title: Full-time mom, part-time photographer/creator and part-time Lowe's associate.
{K} Kids: One precious Henry who is turning 1 1/2 in a few days. =( 
{L} Live: Ohio.
{M} Married: December 23, 2008. Five years this year! 
{N} Nicknames: Jenn, which is what I go by so I'm not sure it qualifies as a nickname.
{O} Overnight hospital stays: Only one and I felt like I was there for an eternity waiting and then welcoming our little one.
{P} Pet peeve: Complete ignorance.
{Q} Quote:  "Love never fails you..."
{R} Righty or Lefty: Righty.
{S} Siblings: Too many to count? I have 4 brothers ages 24, 21, 16 and 13. One sister age 13. And one sister-in-law, who is 32ish? I love them all, even if some of them drive me batty sometimes.
{T} Time you wake up: 7:00 a.m on the weekends, 8:00 a.m during the week.
{U} University attended: Sinclair, no degree....maybe one day?
{V} Vegetables you dislike: Raw onions, cooked they are wonderful. That's about it.
{W} What makes you run late: The dogs, the kid, the husband...
{X} X-Rays you've had: None. 
{Y} Yummy food: Skyline. Yum!
{Z} Zoo animal favorite: Giraffes! 


  1. I hate knees in my back!! It hurts so bad...I have once actually left my bed and went to sleep in theirs.

    Love your list and reading about you...and HAPPY 5 YEARS...I know a little early but now I can say I was the first one! :)

    1. If his was big enough for me, I might have considered it! I have considered the couch a time or two. And thank you. ;)

  2. I absolutely love that you have Dachshunds, we have a 9 year old mini and she is the best.

    1. Once you have one they grow on you and you just can't help but love them forever! (Even if they're stubborn little things!)

  3. Did I know you were in Ohio?! I am too! Cleveland!

    1. That's so awesome! I live in the Troy area which is about an hour north of Dayton.


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