Friday, February 08, 2013

Bargain Hunting

I have started a handful of posts this week and all of them are sitting unfinished and unpublished. I just haven't felt like sitting still this week at all; every day Henry and I have found ways to avoid the tv, computer and even the house.... which was nice. Yesterday the weather was gorgeous and we played outside for a good while. Today it's rainy, which is okay. I have shows to catch up on, housework to do and then work tonight. I plan on having a pretty lazy day to be honest.

I will say, I've done A LOT of shopping this week. It seems like everyone is having huge clearance sales and while I'm cheap and hate to spend any kind of money, I just couldn't resist. I think I spent a total of $50 this week between J.C. Penney's, Elder Beerman, Sears and Kohls. You won't believe the things I got for that though!

For myself:
A new pair of Levi's ($12 at Kohls - Originally $48)
Gloves ($2 at Penney's - Originally $13)
3 long-sleeved shirts ($5 at Penney's - Originally $18 and $24)
4 tank-tops ($5 at Penney's and $4 at Kohls - Originally $15 and $28)
2 'dressier' tops ($5 at Penney's and $8 at Kohls - Originally $20 and $44)
2 bras ($5 at Penney's - Originally $25)
3 cardigans ($10 at Penney's - Originally $28)

For Henry:
An Osh Kosh jacket for spring ($6 at Penney's - Originally $30)
4 long-sleeved shirts ($3 at Penney's and Kohls - Originally $5 -$10)
1 short-sleeved shirt ($1 at Penney's - Originally $5)
Mickey Mouse Bubbles ($.50 at Kohls - Originally $5)

For Jeremy:

A Reds t-shirt ($4 at Sears - Originally $22)
2 under armour shirts ($5 at Penney's - Originally $20).

For All of Us: A new comforter set. ($35 at Beermans - Originally $210)

Total: $729
Total spent: $154.50 (minus $105 in gift cards and coupons so really $49.50)
Total saved: $574.50

What!? I feel like I rocked it this week, ladies! Have you came across any amazing deals lately?


  1. That's awesome! I love when you can find good deals like that. I really want to go to Old Navy at the outlet mall this weekend so see what kinds of deals they have.

  2. WOAH! I need you to go shopping with me. I never find bargains this good!

  3. Now that's my kind of shopping!!!!

  4. WOW! Those are some deals! Nice work!

  5. love this! i went to target last night and got a pretty adorable little shirt for asher for 2.50 - i love shopping clearance!


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