Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's 5 a.m. and I'm wide awake...

This is the second morning that I've woke up before or around 5 a.m. I know I could go back to sleep, but for some reason I feel the need to be up, doing nothing. The weekends are hard on me because I go from spending the week with Henry doing (almost) whatever I want, to spending 8 hours on my feet on a concrete floor. We eat dinner later because I'm not home until at least 6:30 and we go to bed later because we eat dinner later and then I have to be up earlier in the morning. It's a vicious cycle. I'm not trying to complain, I just feel like I get out of whack every single weekend.

I'm considering taking up running. I know a lot of you girls run but I am terrified of even trying. I know I'm going to have to start very slow and work my way up at this point to any sort of time/distance, but I think it's something that I really want to do again. When I was in high school I managed the track and field team (yeah, I was THAT loser) but we had to practice with the team so I did a lot of running and I actually kind of enjoyed it then. Any pointers for this newbie? My biggest concerns are time (I'm probably only going to be able to run early in the morning or later in the evening when Jeremy can be home with Henry, at least to start) and my sheer ability to do it. I'm a nervous willy at times so the thought of running at say... oh, 5 a.m....before the world is stirring, kind of frightens me although I live in what I would consider a very small and safe area. Same thing goes for the evenings. Do I just carry pepper spray or something to calm those nerves? I need some pointers here!

I suppose I should try to get some more sleep before work, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. I hope you were able to get more sleep! I have been up at 6am everyday this week ugh.

  2. Running is so therapeutic! Just go as far as you can (don't worry about times or distance). But, the most important part is to enjoy it!
    Run in well-lit areas, and where you're seen often. As for the pepper spray... I've seen pepper spray sold at running stores; they're just little hand-held canisters that would be easy to hold while running. I bet you could also find the same thing at outdoors shops, or even on line.


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.