Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Roller Coaster

Life can be such a roller coaster of emotion. Happiness, sorrow, regret, joy, hope... only to name a few. I feel like I've lived out a lot of these emotions in just the past few weeks. I'm hopeful for the future, happy and joyful with the present, sad and sorrowful with passing events, and regretting time that was lost that can not be regained.

Saturday I lost my grandfather on my mother's side. I was not close to him, in fact, I had only seen him a handful of times in the last 10 years. This fact does not change the sorrow that has overcome my heart with the regret that I did not have more time to get to know him, and spend time with him. I have only the fondest memories of him, and I never felt as if he loved me less because I was not a huge part of his life. Jeremy and I had often talked of visiting him, despite what some may think, I do not wish to be separated from my mother's side of the family simple because I am separated from her. Sadly, this will never happen. The joyous part is that I will see him again one day, and I am at peace with the knowing that any pain or suffering he had in this life is now over.

Please pray for his family as I know they are more heart-broken than what I could ever be by his loss. They will lay him to rest on Thursday. I don't know as of now if I will be able to attend the services as I just made a commitment a couple of days ago to watch 3 girls for the day, but either way, please pray that this time will help to instill a peace within all of our hearts.


  1. Thinking of you today friend.

  2. I am so sorry. I was never close to my grandparents either but it didn't hurt any less when they passed. Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way.

  3. Have you seen Parenthood starring Steve Martin? It is totally worth it, and talks about life being a roller coaster too--a great monologue about it.


  4. Thanks for the prayers, Jenn. We appreciate it more than you know!

  5. Thoughts and prayers to you, Jenn.

  6. Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time!


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