Monday, April 29, 2013

Idle Hands

It's been a very busy and extra-tiring weekend.

Henry has a cold and hasn't slept well at all because of his poor little stuffy nose.
I spent my weekend at work moving bags of grout and mortar and boxes of tile. My arms and legs are beat.
I ate like crap and now I feel like crap. I was tired, didn't want to cook, and didn't want to argue when it came to deciding on something easy to pick up for dinner.

Today is a new day.

Right now I think Henry and I are going to relax until nap time, then this mama's gotta get the yard mowed (all this spring rain is a killer) and try to catch up on some laundry because the majority of the rest of my week is already booked.


I'm a mixture of confidence and nervousness, partly because I haven't had to do an interview in forever and partly because I think it will be weird to sit down and interview with people you have worked and joked with for the past couple of years.

Because of scheduling conflicts with Jeremy needing to be at work and such tomorrow, it's at 7 a.m. That seems a heck of a lot earlier than when I am usually a fully functional human being, so we'll see how that effects it all - haha. We're going to do a baby switch-off in town and then Henry and I are headed for our weekly trip to Miamisburg.

Wednesday I'm dedicating as grocery day and planting day before work. I'm picking up extra hours so I'm working both Wednesday and Thursday.

I haven't planned Thursday out yet, but I'm hoping it will be warm and Henry and I can just enjoy some outdoor time before I play catch-up on Friday and then go back to work for the weekend.

Whenever I'm busy, I think of this song. I LOVE this song and the music video! I hope you guys have a fantastic Monday!

Leann Rimes - Nothing Better to Do


  1. I love that song! Good luck with your interview.

  2. GOOD LUCK Jenn!! I'm sure you'll do GREAT. Fingers crossed!!! :)

  3. You'll rock your interview!!
    And I love that song!

  4. Yay for your interview, you are going to do amazing! I hope Henry feels better.

  5. Good luck on your interview! I also have to work weekends and I hate it, so I understand. I really hope you nail it and get the job!

  6. Good luck on your interview!! You will do great. Prayers being sent your way!! Also, here's to hoping your extra busy week goes smoothly. I have a busy week this week too and I've been a bit of a stress ball today. At least Cody helps keep my stress in check and I'm sure Henry does the same for you.

  7. Good luck on your interview! I'm sure you'll be great. So busy!


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