Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Bit

My Dearest Henry,

I've been thinking about this letter for at least two months now. I know that sounds extreme, but it's not an exaggeration in any shape or form. I just cannot find the words to explain the feelings that have grown in my heart for you, and as you approach your second birthday, I'm having a hard time coping with the part of me that really does not want you to grow up.

I remember what it was like to bring you home, two short years ago, in the hot of the middle of summer. I was so proud to be your mother, like you had been chosen specifically by God to be a part of our little family. We were so blessed by your presence, and still are. Henry, I would do anything for you. My entire world revolves around the times that you wrap your little arms around my neck for a hug or you smile or laugh that perfect little laugh. I can assure you that Daddy feels the same way too.

As much fun that Daddy and I had before you entered our lives, we wouldn't trade you to go back to any of it. The late nights, tantrums, and endless hours attempting to decipher your grunts and rambled words are worth every second. We love you Henry, so very much. If there's one thing that I hope you will know in life, this is it; family is everything, Henry, and your father and I value the time that the three of us can spend together more than anything else in this world. As much as we enjoy loving and being with one another, we enjoy loving and being with you any more.

At two years old, Henry, you are so FULL of life. You never sit still (seriously, ask anyone) and you are so curious. I hope you never lose that curiosity. You love to be outdoors. We can barely keep you in the house and if it weren't for coaxing you indoors with the promise of a bath, I don't think you'd ever come in. You love to swim too. You're like a little fish and refuse to be helped in anyway. You wear your arm floats like a little big-boy and swim and float and splash around the pool for hours. You like to climb up Mommy and Daddy and jump into the water, you're not afraid at to go under and you've even learned how to hold your breath. You love anything with wheels. You have this little bobcat that you take with you everywhere and push around making car noises and when the dog chewed it up, your Daddy's first priority was to get you a new one. You still sleep with us most nights, although we took the front off of your crib and you now have your own 'big-boy' bed. I think you'll be more excited about sleeping in it yourself in the future and as much as Daddy won't admit it, I think we've all slept a little better since we did. You have this thing with feet. It's super strange but it's also kind of cute. You have to check the bottom of your feet after you take off your shoes (which we have to struggle to keep on you, you like to be barefoot like your Mama) to make sure that they're clean, and you dig your toes into us when you're trying to get comfortable or sleeping. You still love your silky blankets and there's always one within reach. You still use a pacifier more often than what I'd like, I almost had you broke of it except for bedtime until we went on vacation in April and we found it was the only way you'd be comfortable in the car. You push your little chairs and step-stool up to the counters and we constantly fight with you to quit pulling things off of them, but I love when you pull your chair up when I'm making dinner and 'help' me stir or just watch the water boil. It's moments like this that make my heart just smile. You are saying a couple of words but not much. You are so stubborn when it comes to talking that it drives your Daddy and I crazy, but we're trying our best to be understanding that you'll talk when you're ready. You have no interest in tv or movies, but you love to read books (or have Mama and Daddy read them) and watch 'Twinkle, Twinkle' at bed time. Your favorite foods are hotdogs, fruit snacks and cherries and I've yet to find a food that you won't try or don't like.

The list could go on and on, Henry. You have filled our lives with so much excitement and love and every time that you learn something new, it thrills your daddy and I to the moon and back.

That reminds me. You saw your first shooting star this year while night-swimming during the super moon. It was truly magical and you absolutely loved pointing out the moon and the stars to us. It's one of my recent favorite memories.

Little Bit, I hope this coming year will bring you nothing but good health, happiness and more love than your little heart could ever imagine. Daddy and I are going to do our best to give you the best life that you can imagine. There are so many people who love you and we all want nothing but the best for you. We're hoping to make some big and exciting changes this year, and I hope that each one will enrich your life in a wonderful way. We love you Henry, so very much. I don't think we could ever tell you this enough. Happy Birthday, I know you probably won't remember it, but I hope that one day you'll look back at the pictures and see a day filled with fun and love.

I love you to the moon,
Your Mama


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.