Thursday, July 25, 2013

We can ALL have it ALL

It's funny how certain things will stick with you.

At church last Sunday (Yes, I said church. It's been FOREVER since we've got to go to church on a day that WASN'T a holiday. Thank you, Jesus!) the message was based around Ephesians and the church and the meaning of the church and how this great mystery had just been presented to them.

The mystery was that the Jews and the gentiles alike would share in the gift of grace and salvation and would be joined together as one body, which is the church.

And although this was no new news to me, something new and wonderful did stick with me and it was this:

We can ALL have it ALL.

How amazing is that?

God's grace and blessings and His inheritance is given to us all, equally. Not parts of it, but all of it. We can all have it all. I don't have to give up part of my salvation, or part of my spiritual gifts, or part of my portion of grace in order for anyone else to have it, it is freely given to anyone who will accept it.

That is after all the good news, isn't it?

I guess I had just never thought of it that way. That God's grace and love and mercy and blessings are not split, they do not have to be shared. It's all mine, and when someone else accepts these gifts, it becomes all theirs too.

God is sufficient for us all. Always and forever. His grace and love and mercy will never run out.


  1. I love reading the New Testament. Not only the stories of Jesus, which are amazing, but seeing the organization and trials of the early church. To see the apostles disagree, but find a way to work together. To see in all the epistles, lists of names of faithful new Christians and to see the numerous women mentioned (when there are very few women mentioned in the Bible at all). It's beautiful. What version of the Bible do you and your family use? Mormons use the King James Version.
    Our Fairy Tale

    1. My personal Bible is KJV, but my church uses it along with a few other translations in order to teach.


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