Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Worship

I've always found it easy to find God in the everyday, more so than sitting in a church-pew, or listening to the preacher preach. I find Him in the whisper of the wind or the warm sunshine on an otherwise cold day. I find Him in the blooms that pop up and reveal their beauty to us in the spring and the leaves that turn bright orange and yellow and red in the fall. I find Him in the gentle and slow fall of the snowflake, no two alike, individual in their own way. (Just like His children.)

God surrounds us and his blessings do too, if only we allow ourselves to see them.

There is no place like the ocean, to me, that He can be found. The waves crashing along the sand and the water stretching and stretching and stretching as far as the eye can see. This is where I feel as small as I really am and God begins to feel as big as He really is. Then the thought of all the animals, itty-bitty fish and huge whales, filling that water; it's humbling and being humble is the first step to worship.

Often a song on the radio will move me to tears long before a sermon could ever. The silent tug of the heart pulling me closer into God's arms and whispering the sweet nothings of want and love and forgiveness as those words set to melody wash over me.

This is worship. Simple. Complete. My God as big as my God can be and me here humbled and in complete awe of His love for ME.


  1. Oh Jenn ... I'm so with you on the ocean, the water, the beach, the wind, the sand. To encounter God there is always the deepest thrill!

  2. I always find God in water. I don't have a "real" ocean, but Lake Michigan is sorta like that, no? But it's not just there. It's in the rain, and a river, and a puddle, and the dishwater, too.

    Nice work. Cute blog.

    Here from FMF, and this is my post, if you're interested.

  3. Yes! I agree with all of this. Oh how I miss the ocean, it gives me such peace.

  4. Me too, just substitute Lake Michigan for ocean!! God bless you!


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