Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Ordinary

The problem, the elephant in the room, was that they all knew that they had let the ordinary mask the extraordinary - every day life in the way of all the small, important moments that should never have been taken for granted.

Now it was too late.

They stared at the future with a sort of knowing, a longing, for the days and hours and events that he would not be there with them. Knowledge that one day they would stare out a window and think of what it would be like if he was there instead of gone away from them.

Regardless of where he may be, of the celebration of life lived, of comfort from friends, of memories from past days, things would never, ever be the same. They would not be the same.

As they sat in that dark, lonely living room, each solemn face knowing, they wished so much to speak of the truth, but each was afraid of the breaking, the shattered pieces, that the truth may bring.

This may be 'see you later' but it felt way too much like goodbye.

They did agree on one thing - that the ordinary had masked the extraordinary, and if they could do it all again, they would have never taken such an extraordinary, unique soul, for granted.

And so the lesson is left for each of us to learn...


  1. Well said, it's a good thing to remember that no one who crosses our path is simply ordinary.

  2. Beautiful reminder, Jenn. Nothing and no one created in His image is ordinary.

  3. wow. I really like this, and enjoy the way you wrote it. Thanks for sharing this reminder.

  4. This is so well said and very true. :)


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