Thursday, January 09, 2014


I have spent my entire life shaping the person that I'm becoming. Despite being put into circumstances that allowed me to not care, at all, there was a pull in my soul that told me to just keep going. (I'll chuck that up to the wonderful grace of God.) I was always inspired and motivated by women around me who seemingly had not a care in the world; I remember looking up to so many of them thinking 'I wish I could have courage like that.'

I've always been a bit of a wallflower; I would much rather sit alone in my own thoughts, people-watching, rather than being a part of the party. I'm okay with that. Still, there are times (more often than I'd care to admit) that I'd much rather be the one dancing like a fool on the dance floor too.

The courage that it takes to step out of your comfort zone, past your insecurities and fears, is what I admire most in so many people around me.

My grandmother, who has spent the majority of my life teaching me how to live as a respectable lady, possesses more courage than any one person I have ever met. She lives her days without a concern or care of what other people think, being her complete self, and inspiring others to do the same.

My best friend and soul-sister, Allison, can light up a room with her spunky personality and willingness to talk and befriend all without even a second thought. That sort of courage and confidence shakes my very core.

My mother-in-law who never even blinked at the word 'cancer', she possesses such true courage.

Every single blogger friend with whom I have had the pleasure of talking to, those who bare their heart and soul on a daily basis, and those who continue to encourage and support others despite their own personal battles: their courage inspires me.

Courage is something I have lacked my entire life. When put into a position that requires overcoming my own personal fears and insecurities, I'm more likely to shy away than to stand up to the plate and do my very best. However, with all of the support and love of these courageous ladies who have surrounded me in life, I have grown leaps and bounds from the scared little girl that I once was.

Although I may still have my fears and insecurities, surrounding myself with courageous people has helped to build a bit of courage on my own and for that I am thankful. I am truly blessed.

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  1. I love this post!! :)

    Laura @ Mice in The Kitchen

  2. Such a lovely post. You have more courage than you give yourself credit for! Love you Jen.

  3. I agree with have more courage than you give yourself credit for.

    I have very similar fears that I wish I also had the courage to overcome. I've always been the one most comfortable with people I know and have trouble breaking out of that mold. I have trouble flexing my wings, if you will. I love this post 'cause it reminds me that anyone can have courage to make positive changes!

  4. You my friend have so much courage and it is absolutely inspiring!

  5. Beautiful, Jenn. And, just by simply writing this shows how much courage you have!!

  6. This was beautifully written! I too am more likely to shy away from something out of my comfort zone! So glad to have meet you through the link up! :)

  7. Wow, Jenn!! THANK YOU for sharing... this post was courageous and inspiring! I would also like a few more tablespoons of courage... I think I've been growing in this, but I'd love to grab hold of the reins and take off with it! Thanks for bearing your heart today and sharing it with us!! :)

  8. Such a beautiful post! It's so great that you have so many ladies in your life that possess such courage! Love what you shared in this one! Thanks for linking up!


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