Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Encouragement

If you want to be put down, let down, told that you're not good enough - I'm sure you can find plenty of people to help you feel that way. Some of us wouldn't even have to go any further than our own bathroom mirror.

Life can be so hard. There are those moments that you are at your highest high, on top of the world, celebrating all that life has to offer...and then there are times that you are so low that you can't even see the top of the hole, lost in the darkness, cold and so very alone.

In comes encouragement - in the form of a smile, a letter, a best friend's hug.

It'll wrap around you like a warm and familiar blanket; lifting your spirits and comforting your soul. It will help you out of your hole and begin to push you back up to that high place in your life.


It can heal a broken heart and be the final push you need to finally step out of your comfort zone. It helps you grow and prosper and live to your fullest.

We cling to those people who encourage us the most because we need it to thrive. We need people there who can help us back up when we're down, and push us when we're on the edge of something great but too afraid of that final step.

Be that person for someone today. There is plenty of disappointment in the world, but there will never be enough encouragement.

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  1. There is nothing that can compare to encouragement.

  2. Yes. Encouragement CAN heal a broken heart. So true! Thanks for this. I'm visiting from FMF at Lisa-Jo's.


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