Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I AM Pulling it Off

Clean eating has been going great for me this year. I feel absolutely wonderful and I have seen great results (but more on that in a few days).

Jeremy and I are in the process of planning vacation to the beach somewhere this year. It seems like every time we think we've got it figured out, something happens and we have to start all over again. Still the beach is calling our names, we will figure out a way to get there, and I (of course) have already started planning what I'm going to wear.

Whenever I start to think about new clothing or styles, I always think of Ted from HIMYM and his red cowboy boots and how he was so confident that he was pulling them off. I love that. I love it because it's 100% something I would (and do) do. I have accepted challenges before that started with the words 'there is no way you could pull that off' many times before.

I love proving people wrong!

Here are a few things I'm looking forward to pulling off this summer.

High-waisted, pleated skirts with a pretty t-shirt and flats.

I am usually way too fat for these. The pleats make me look like a huge balloon, but, my tummy is shrinking (noticeably so) and I'm hoping that by April/May when we go on vacation, I'll be pulling this one off.

Flowing shirts (can you tell I love belted things) with shorts. SHORTS!

I have not wore shorts since I was dating Jeremy and we've now been married for 5 years. I've got a long way before I'm going to be comfortable in shorts again (and I will never be comfortable in short shorts) but I think I can muster up enough strength to buy just ONE pair for vacation and summer.

Oh, and that red lipstick. I'm so buying a tube of red lipstick.

See that shirt? I've owned it for almost 6 months now but it's always been too tight. I had all these great envisions of wearing it through the fall and winter and it never worked out. The great thing was that I got it for about $4.00 so I really didn't have to feel too guilty about it. Still, it's about time that I wore it and why not incorporate it somehow into my vacation suitcase? I have white capris just like these so I see no reason why I can't be pulling this off by late spring.

This shirt.

Seriously, how cute is that?

The same is true for sleeveless shirts as the shorts: I haven't wore them in years. I started doing a few strength exercises and a couple of them are geared specifically for arms and shoulders.

I will go sleeveless this year.

Considering that the temperature is a whooping -10 today and the wind chill is way worse than that, it's easy to start dreaming about the warm summer months and a light and fun wardrobe.

Have you started planning for warm weather yet? What items do you have on your wardrobe wishlist?

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  1. I love these outfits. Go you for working for something as simple as a great outfit. I think that's a great way to push yourself. Instead of obsessing over the scale and a number, having a outfit in mind that you want to feel good and confident is such a great goal.
    While at Old Navy, I say this blazer. It was navy and cream, very nautical. It was paired with a simple gray nautical themed shirt. I would love to feel comfortable to wear a blazer. Typically, I feel manly. That's my goal. To wear a blazer and rock that sucker like I was born to!

    1. You go girl! If I were you, I'd go ahead and buy it - hang it up somewhere where you can see it and even try it on from time to time so you can see how it's fitting.

  2. That last shirt is adorable!! I'm kinda dreading my summer wardrobe with this belly that is growing daily!

    1. Don't dread it! I was pregnant smack dab in the middle of summer - they make some really cute maternity tops for summer!

  3. I love all of these outfits and you will look amazing!

  4. All those outfits are so cute. But that last shirt? Love it!!

  5. Replies
    1. I know, right? I'm sure I won't be able to find the exact one, but I hope I can find something similar. It's just so...feminine.


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