Friday, February 28, 2014


Today marks the end of another month and we are officially entering into the third month of 2014. Guys, where does the time go?

I've found myself anxiously awaiting this day simply because I get to write down my month's progress in my fitness journal and then sit back and relish in the thought that hard work pays off.

I know that there are some of you out there that can understand my journey, that know that feeling when you look in the mirror and see change. You also understand when you can't see the change, when the numbers aren't there, when you just don't feel like it anymore, and when it takes a double dose of strength and courage just to get up off the couch and move.

I've been here before and I'm trying to tell myself that this time is different. I'm trying to convince myself that I won't give up this time. Convincing the mind may just be the hardest part.

I don't know why it's so hard because it feels so good to move, to feel my body changing, to use a work-out I did a month ago as a warm-up. It just takes so much determination and discipline and some days I can't seem to find either any where.

However, the progress is there, and that is something that I cannot deny. And it feels good to say, "look at how much I've changed, how much I have grown, how far I have come", even two months in.

Pray for me as I continue my journey, I have so far yet to go and there is so much I want to yet do. I can do this. I will do this.

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  1. You look gorgeous!! :) great job my friend!

  2. Awesome Jenn. Just seriously awesome!!!!

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    1. Thank you! I'm definitely working for it!

  4. WOW! The numbers don't lie! You are a rock star!!

    1. I don't know about all that - but thank you!

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  6. Awesome, Jenn. :) 25 pounds is a huge accomplishment! There are so many obstacles that go along side motivation and your determination to conquer them is inspiring!

  7. This is amazing! Such a huge accomplishment and inspiration! You look great!

  8. Awesome, Jenn. I am so impressed by your dedication. Congrats on your amazing progress so far!


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.