Monday, March 03, 2014

March Fitness Goals

Last month I set a few goals for myself to help me along my fitness journey. Ya'll should be proud of me because guys, I rocked them.

I added measurements and was wowed by the amount of change my body undertook. I added circuit training to my weekly fitness routine and fell in love with it. I exercised at least 3 times a week, if not 5, or 6, or even 7. I didn't replace a meal every day with a smoothie or protein shake, but after a trial week, I realized that doing so was hurting me more than helping me progress. So...I still drink my green smoothies most days, and some nights when I have to work I take a protein shake for dinner. Those changes were beneficial, but replacing meals daily did not work for me and that's okay. I did find an exercise that Jeremy and I can both do, actually we agreed on a couple of things, but unfortunately our wonderful Ohio weather has prevented from partaking in them together.

So what are my goals for March?

1) I want to will start running again. Running is pretty much a dream of mine. I admire people who can run and can push themselves to keep going. Hopefully the weather will change a bit so that I can get out and at least start on this journey again.

2) I want to will work-out five days a week, no excuses. I'm already doing this most weeks so this should be easy for me to accomplish! 

3) I want to will eat better. I'm already eating pretty well but I've had a lot of 'cheat' days in the last couple of weeks due to this and that (which are all just excuses). My goal is to really focus on what's going into my body this month, no excuses.

4) I want to will see some numbers change. I want to lose at least 5 pounds and at least 2 inches. I think this is very doable for me!

5) I want to will fit into a least one piece of clothing I have hanging in my closet that is too small. I have several pieces and at least one of them better fit by the end of this month!

I'm gonna do this guys. Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement! Do you have any tips to send my way? What are your fitness goals for this month?

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  1. This is such an encouraging and inspiring post! One of my top goals for March-- assuming it finally warms up-- is to start running again too! I keep pushing off signing up for a 5k or race because I haven't been able to "train" or do enough cardio, but the more I push it off the less likely I am to ever get to it!

    1. I am so over winter at this point. I would do anything to get out and be outdoors!

  2. I love this! I hope the weather gets better for you so you can hit the pavement. :)

  3. Jenn, you are doing so awesome. Setting goals and checking them off is the most awesome feeling.
    I can't remember if you mentioned using My Fitness Pal, but it's a great way to track your food intake - if you aren't already.
    Also, you should reward yourself with something after each accomplished goal (manicure, pedicure, new piece of clothing, etc)!

    1. I swear by MFP, haha! If you use it you can add me: JOvenshire23

      I'm not doing 'rewards' this time simply because what I'm doing is reward enough so far. If I start to get burned out, I may. Buying a new pair of jeans sizes smaller feels a lot better to me than buying a piece of clothing simply because a number changed, ya know? Plus, we really can't afford haircut was sort of my 20 lb reward, and was also something needed that I would have usually put off.'s working so far, haha. Thank you!

  4. Running has always been a dream of mine, too but I've always been so bad at it! I have running a color run on my bucket list so I need to start sometime! Have you ever tried a couch to 5k program? I see them all over Pinterest and I've been considering trying one this spring!

    1. I'm definitely not good at it! I'm going to try a couch to 5k program when I start. I think I'm actually going to use one I found on The Color Run website.


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