Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Potty-Trained Boy

We officially have a potty-trained boy in our household.

It's been a good week since we've had even a small accident and I have to say that I am so, so, so proud of my boy.

Have I told you the story of how Henry potty trained himself? No? Well let me get to that then...

When I was setting up and participating in my first craft festival, we ran out of diapers. Well, we didn't run out...we just forgot them at home in the rush to get ready and go that morning. Jeremy was gone, working on a customer car, and I couldn't leave. The festival was out in the middle of a cornfield at a local farm so there was no where close for me to go to get diapers either. We were stuck...and I knew it was going to be hours before we'd be able to get him anything to wear.

He had just about soaked through his pants when I explained to him that I was throwing away his current diaper and he'd have to tell me when he needed to go potty because there were no more diapers for him to wear and no change of clothes either. (I seem really unprepared, don't I?)

Surprisingly, he did great!

The entire weekend at the farm he began peeing on the ground. While this may seem a little rough, I was just glad he wasn't going in his pants. This, however, caused quite the ruckus when we got home. Instead of sitting or standing at the potty to go, he wanted to pee on the ground. We compromised and let him go in the tub...but we knew we eventually had to break him of that too! It took some convincing, but we eventually did.

Then there was the issue of #2. He had no interest, and even when he was telling us every single time when he had to go pee, #2 was still a no-go for him.

I went to the store, I spent about $25, and I bought him 1 big toy and 2 small toys for him to earn by sitting and then ultimately going on the potty.

Believe it or not - it worked. It took almost two weeks, but eventually he said 'Mommy, I really want my new play-doh firetruck so I go on potty, okay?' And he did! He sat right down, did his business, and then immediately ran to get his new toy.

For almost two weeks now we have had a fully potty trained boy!

He often wants us to go with him to the bathroom, but I've noticed more often in the last couple of days that he will go on his own when he needs to. He's getting pretty good at dressing and undressing himself too when he makes his little trips. I'm so proud!

Did you struggle with potty-training? How did you finally potty-train your little boy or girl?

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  1. YAY! I am so glad he is doing so well.

  2. Okay so between you and Desiree, I'm going to be asking lots of questions when I start the process with Connor. I'm hoping to do it in the spring or early summer when he is a little over 2 1/2.

  3. I struggled with potty training, Gunner did not. I have learned that he does things when he wants so one day at the store he saw Pez candy that he had never seen or had and wanted some and I, in a brilliance of parenthood said "oh that is candy you get when you potty on the potty" and viola. we bought iron man pez- he got one each time he pottyed and there you have it lol

  4. YAY Henry!!!
    I tried twice, half-heartedly, to potty train Marcus. When it was obvious he was completely uninterested I decided to wait until I knew he was ready. Basically he started asking to use the "big boy toilet." It was then that we really started the training. Our "training" lasted all of a week, with a total of 5 accidents in that week. Now, Marcus will tell me - 80% of the time - when he has to go - the other 20% I'm asking, and ushering him into the restroom to ensure we haven't gone too long between bathroom breaks.

  5. Way to go! I LOLd at him going in the tub! Whatever works, haha.


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