Tuesday, January 05, 2016

2016 Goals

I've thought long and hard about what goals I want to set for this year. Why is so difficult to actual cultivate my thoughts and make a list? I know this list will change, but so far, this is what I got:
1) Ride my bike as many miles that is equal to my age.
That would be 28 miles. No biggie really considering 28 miles in a year is VERY doable. I'm excited to take this one on and get Henry and Jeremy involved too.
2) Read more books.
I'm thinking 2 a month is more than doable, especially considering that I've already finished two books this YEAR. Yeah...five days in and I've read that much already. I've been sick, the free time is typically not this plentiful. I have the Lord of the Rings books and Harry Potter on my list since these  are two series I have always said I was going to read but never actually accomplished.
3) Be healthier.
Isn't this a goal every single year? We started a 90 day health/fitness challenge at work so the first three months should be easier to keep up because I have a bunch of people help motivate me. More than anything I want to focus on finding activities to keep me moving year long and focus on loving for me for me no matter what others may think of me.
4) Declutter and be organized.
This pertains to more than just my home. I want to declutter my brain, my attitude; get back to the basics. But yeah, it pertains to my home too. I started this goal by writing out a weekly schedule that I posted to the refrigerator that includes daily chores, a Bible verse for the week, and time to focus daily on myself.
5) Be a light.
Okay, so this is a very personal goal to me. There's been some real negativity surrounding me in my life lately and it's dragging me down. One of my biggest goals is to keep my mouth shut. As in, quit the gossip, especially when it comes to work. It's not like I go around chatting all the time about people's business, but my goal is that if I have nothing nice to say then I just won't say anything at all. Easier said then done, right? Also, I want to be a light in a world of darkness. Smile more, frown less. Look up instead of down. Cup half full rather than half empty. Most people would tell you that this is me now, but I want to make it my legacy. That's my goal: make my life a legacy of light.
6) Dig deeper into God's will.
She Reads Truth is my bff right now. I love that their daily devotionals come straight to my inbox. My goal is to read them, reflect on them, pray over them, and write about them daily. I also want to find a church to be a home and make new friends who share my compassion for living in God's light (so we can be a light). These are first steps. I can't wait to see where God leads us in 2016.


  1. I think these are great goals! It is funny, the one you mention about people and work and trying not to gossip. I have found myself in the middle of a big negative pile at work- why can't people just be happy!? I am with you on that goal!!!

    I started a new blog.... it is www.itwasamonday.blogspot.com....I figure I will keep this one. :)


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