Monday, February 22, 2010

Another tidbit on ::time::

(The picture is from St. Mary's lake. It's so beautiful frozen.)

I've realized that time is so not on my side anymore. It's 9 o'clock. I think to myself "Oh man, it's early...I can just sit around awhile, take my time." until I remember all that I need to accomplish today. Days off are almost like working, they allow me just enough time to finish all that I've put off during the week. Laundry and homework especially.

Yesterday was nice and relaxing. I guess one day a week is all that I can really ask for. I'm so thankful for that time that I have to spend alone with my husband. Although we rarely find anything too exciting to do, we're happy just to be together. I'm really hoping that our schedules will mix better this next quarter. It would make things much easier if we just had school the same nights and not the opposite. I miss being awake when he comes in the door at night and watching a bit of tv or playing a game or something before bedtime. Little things suffer when schedule's are so mix-matched.

So today I am doing laundry. I have to get to Sinclair to schedule my classes, I have homework to catch up on and before I left the house this morning, I tried to tidy up a bit. (Although I have to admit that us never being home sure does keep the place clean. The cat alone seems to make a bigger mess than the two of us combined anymore.) There is class tonight and then the drive home just in time to get in bed to late. I will be tired for work tomorrow.

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