Sunday, June 05, 2011

More Ramblings

I've pondered life a lot lately, decisions I've made and the direction that I'm headed. I have to say that I'm not very disappointed. I feel as if God has had His mighty hand over Jeremy and I so much in the past two and a half years. He has blessed us in ways unimaginable and at the same time, challenged our faith and marriage to help build it stronger. We owe all the glory and thanks to Him, without Him we would have never made it.

I'm excited for the future. I'm excited for Henry to get here. I'm excited for all those first moments and I'm excited for him to grow up too. Sometimes I feel as if my thoughts, dreams and hopes are in a rush, I just want to savor each and every day. I'm so blessed to have each and every one!

I feel like I'm so extremely lucky to have the job that I do now. I downgraded, like REALLY downgraded but in doing so, I have so much freedom to be with my son when he's born. Either Jeremy or I will be able to be home with him every single day except for a few hours on Saturdays and although one of us has to work every single day of the week, we will have every evening to spend as a family. We are truly blessed! I can't imagine having to leave my little one with someone all the time. I know that in a lot of cases it's necessary but I just don't think I could do it and I'm blessed enough to have a husband who agrees. In our case, we know that the only people we truly trust to raise our child is us.

We have some big events coming up. Something huge is happening in a month or so but I've been sworn to secrecy so I can't say what. I just hope I'll be able to keep up with all the responsibility I've been given in it all. Henry should be here a month after that! Jeremy and I are planning a small trip in a week or two to the little resort down in Kentucky for a couple of nights. We're hoping to squeeze in a Reds game too. My brothers and sister are out of school for the summer and I plan on keeping them with me here and there. Pretty much, just trying to stay busy, count down the weeks and enjoy the summer!

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