Friday, July 08, 2011

Plans are made to be broken.

The nerves are starting to set in. I'm anxious about delivery, a bit disappointed that things haven't happened the way that Jeremy and I thought they would and still a bit worried about my little peanut. I think Jeremy is in worse shape than I am. His parents are a bit disappointed because their vacation was planned for this coming week and now they're cutting it short. He's told me many times that he was looking forward to those final moments at home before I told him it was 'time' to go to the hospital. I think he just wanted to be my hero, haha. I know he's nervous about delivery, he's just not one for any sort of blood or bodily fluids. I think he'll be just fine though. We both know that this is better for little Henry.

It's strange to know that we'll be given a date to start labor. I was really looking forward to sitting at home and finally realizing that I was actually in labor and not just practicing. Again, I know this is for the better though. We'll know on Monday. The doctor told us yesterday that they would probably pull me in Friday to check my fluids a final time so I'm assuming it's going to be early in the week. His paper just said 'set to deliver at 37 weeks'. Brandon's date to leave to go back to Texas was moved up 2 days, so even with them deciding to induce me at 37 weeks, it's almost cutting it close for him to meet his nephew. I'm just thankful that all signs are pointing towards him getting to meet him before he leaves. God does work in mysterious ways.

In other news, we finally got our maternity pictures done. Our friend Betsey did them for us and we were blessed enough that she did them for free. She just graduated from Sinclair with a degree or certificate or something in photography so she's trying to practice and build a portfolio. We were her first maternity shoot and I was happy to see how most of them turned out. I did all the editing though as editing is something she said she's yet to explore a lot of and well, I was more than happy to edit my own. I told Jeremy we really cut it close there, considering the circumstances, our maternity pictures aren't going to be very exciting to look at when our little one will be born in a little over a week. Everyone is going to be wanting pictures of him!

My plans are to work this weekend, spend some time with my brother this coming week, pack my bag and keep the house squeaky clean until next week. Depending on the date they set, I haven't decided if I'll work next weekend. If they decided to take us Monday or Tuesday I'll probably work Friday and Saturday and then take Sunday off. If it's later in the week I'll probably work all weekend long. It's just a waiting game at this point! (I've gotten pretty good at that...waiting, that is.) I'm going to do everything I can to enjoy Jeremy and I and our last week as a couple without the baby. I'm going to focus on not worrying. I'm just going to let go and let God and I'm just going to relax, have some fun and be content in knowing that life is about to change forever.

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