Saturday, December 31, 2011

The (long) short version of 2011

January: I was 2 months pregnant and miserably sick day and night. I started using my camera on manual and haven't turned the dial since. Mason turned one and Brandon Heath's new CD came out. Jeremy and I traveled to Detroit to visit family and attended the Detroit Auto Show.

February: I was 3 months pregnant and still miserably sick day and night but I felt him move for the very fist time. We had so much snow and ice that our area was in a level 3 snow emergency for several days. Brandon came home for a couple of weeks! Jeremy and I saw Brandon Heath and Toby Mac in concert with friends.

March: I was 4 months pregnant and (you guessed it) still miserably sick day and night. I endured my first cat-scan and had the crap scared out of me to find out that I had pneumonia. The world was shook by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Jeremy and I as well as his parents drove to Florida and boarded a cruise ship for a glorious vacation to Jamaica and Haiti.

April: I was 5 months pregnant and starting to feel better but plagued by crazy charlie horses every night in my sleep. My feet started itching and we found out that our Peanut was a BOY!

May: I was 6 months pregnant and my morning sickness was completely gone. My feet were still itching and it was spreading to my stomach and palms. I photographed my first wedding. I set up Henry's crib and had my church baby shower. I said farewell to one job and hello to another that would allow me to stay home during the week when Henry was born. Jeremy also bought Henry his very first gun.

June: I was 7 months pregnant and itching from head to toe. I photographed my cousin's wedding was miserable the entire time, but felt so blessed that she allowed me to do it. Old friends and I wept as a hero I went to school with was killed at war. Jeremy and I made a little weekend trip to Lake Erie. My sister-in-law threw me a fantastic baby shower. I finally convinced my doctor that scratching my skin off was not 'normal'.

July: I was 8 months pregnant and finally diagnosed with Cholestasis, a liver/gallbladder dysfunction induced by the pregnancy that was causing my severe itching. Jeremy and I had maternity pics done (and just in time too). I was going in every other day to have non-stress tests and ultrasounds done and at 36 weeks they found that my fluid was low and I was put into the hospital. Two steroid shots, 3 days of inducing my labor and one c-section later Henry was born at exactly 37 weeks. Brandon was home for a week and got to hold Henry the night he was born.

August: I took way to many pictures of Henry and did my best to enjoy being a new mommy. The world lost a beautiful soul as my grandmother's best friend made her home in heaven. We all went to the fair with Allison and Ethan!

September: I took way too many pictures of Henry and he started grinning that gummy grin that I just love. The world lost a very special man as my Great Uncle Coy made his home in heaven. We made a quick trip to Virginia for the funeral and family time. I went back to work and Brandon left the United States for Afghanistan. I became addicted to Pinterest and Jeremy had some teeth cut out which lead to months of endless suffering for him.

October: Henry went trick or treating for the first time. Jeremy celebrated his 29th birthday and I celebrated my 24th. I started crocheting! Henry laughed for the first time and it was possibly the most wonderful thing I had ever heard. Jeremy and I saw Third Day and Tenth Avenue North at Hobart. The Poop Song entered our lives and Jeremy bought me several new lenses for my camera.

November: I took on my first crochet orders and started my own little business. A kitten followed the dog into the house one morning that we named Biscuit. I got rid of him about a week later. Holly, Allison and I went and saw Breaking Dawn. We celebrated Thanksgiving numerous times and then I put up the Christmas tree.

December: I had my first give-away and so many orders that I still haven't finished them all. Henry and I had a sleep-over at grannie's house. Henry, Jeremy and I made a little day trip to the Newport Aquarium. Jeremy and I celebrated 3 wonderful years of marriage and then celebrated Christmas with our families.


  1. I love reading your blog. I feel like it allows me to get a little peek of who you since we didn't get to spend a lot of our childhood together. Love you J!


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.