Thursday, June 07, 2012

Let's Just Not

Do you wanna know how to make your life 100% happier than what it is now?

Quit comparing yourself to others.


Quit worrying about whether you're as pretty as so and so.
Quit wondering if your husband is as great as hers. Or your wife is as great as his.
Quit questioning whether or not your parenting is as good as theirs.
Quit asking yourself if your house is as nice as a friends.
...if your kids are as behaved.
...if your hair is as perfect.
...if your car is as shiny.
...if your life is as complete.

The list goes on and on and on and on.

Just be yourself. Do you and you'll find that doing you and being you will make you happier than wishing to be anything more.

Will that be difficult? YES!

I mean, we all struggle with insecurities. (That's what they are, you know that...right?)


Well, I wish I could say that I knew I was as poised, pretty and well-mannered.
I wish I could say that I knew that my photos were as stunning...and my writing as well put together.
I wish my house was as beautiful, clean and decorated.
I wish I was as successful as an entrepreneur.

The other things? Eh! I've overcome them already! 

My car? A 2001 Buick...but I LOVE my grannie mobile most of the time. It's been good to me and whether or not I have a brand new, shiny and up to date vehicle with all the bells and whistles is not the least bit important to me.

My clothes? Totally out of date! But they're comfortable, they're cute and they're me. Give me a pair of jeans and a cute shirt and I'm set. There's no way I'm going to walk around wearing today's fashions and be comfortable or FEEL confident. No way, sirree.

My son? PERFECT! Seriously, I don't care if he's throwing a fit in the middle of a crowded restaurant, you'll never catch me looking at the next table of well-mannered kids and wishing he were more like them. ALL kids develop differently, all kids have different personalities and attitudes and I will never compare him to another. He's my baby, my Little Bit and he's perfect for me and to me.

You get the idea! Today I vow to start working on those things that I do struggle with. I vow to take a deep breath and refuse when I catch myself comparing who I am to who someone else is, regardless of the circumstances! Bettering yourself and your life is YOUR responsibility. Who you are and how you turn out in life is all on your shoulders. It's your choice; so quit comparing. If you don't you'll find that there's always going to be something or someone that you're striving to be and you'll never, ever get there.

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  1. I LOVE THIS POST! I struggle with some of the "I wish I could/had/was/did..." only to realize that I'm pretty kick ass in my own little way!

    Jenn Jenn - life isn't perfect and you will never have everything you want but instead, you will have everything that God knows you need!

    Love you girl!


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