Thursday, June 07, 2012

My New (old) Pallet Shelf

I have had this pallet sitting on my back porch for at least 2 months now. I pulled it out of pile we had in our backyard because it was smaller than most and just called out to me in the strange way that a perfect pallet can. 

It started as a future piece of wall art. I painted it green (the side you now can't see) and lettered 'The Ovenshires Est. 2008' in white. It looked...cute, but it just didn't satisfy me.

Now if you know my husband and I, you know we are collectors and junkies for old(er) and interesting (to us) things. We especially have a thing for bottles and salt and pepper shakers. We also have a very definite eclectic style that is void of anything modern. I love country chic pieces and anything that's peeling and flaky and well loved but I also adore something that's funky and completely unique (like the hamper I got this week for Henry that HAS to be from the early 60's). Jeremy loves things with history - old trunks, books, etc...

I usually stick to earth tones but I'm totally accepting of a bold splash of color. I'm totally in love with wood, rocks and anything very rustic and rough around the edges but God forbid you take my lace, floral or ruffles from me as well.

Anyway, you get the idea.

So I started disassembling and reassembling my pallet to make this awesome shelf. It fits perfectly above our one couch and it holds our lovelies so well. I'm thinking eventually I'm going to add some hooks and hang some of our awesome old teacups from the bottom of it and of course rearrange and rearrange until I find the perfect arrangement for some of the things we have.

Wanna know how to make one for yourself?'s SUPER easy. I took two of the boards from the backside and nailed them across the bottom and center planks so that there was a solid surface for my things to sit on. At first I was just going to leave it that way and then lean and hang photos above it, but then I know how much stuff we have to display and I decided that extra shelf was a must. So...I found a random piece of wood and cut it to fit and nailed it down along the top. BUT you could have taken another piece from the back or another pallet. I just didn't have another pallet of size laying around.

If you do decide to make one, send me a photo. I just LOVE mine and guess what, it was COMPLETELY free. (I told you I was cheap)

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