Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Music, teaching and your opinion.

Has anyone noticed that this is my 3rd blog today? Probably not. If so...let's just not tell anyone that I may be a bit blog obsessed at the moment. Okay?

I've always had this thought in the back of my mind that I should teach. Some would probably call it a calling but I'm not sure I want to go that far with it at the moment. The thing is, teaching requires a lot of effort and while I clearly have allll the time in the world (haha), this is not something I want to take on right now.

However, this little blog of mine - this is my space to do whatever I want, ya know? So I have this idea, this plan. I just can't figure out what to name it and I'm not completely sure how to go about starting it, but I think I'm going to try anyway. Back when MySpace was cool (yeah, I wasn't really THAT long ago) I had attempted to start a 'song of the day' or something of the sort. Thing was, nobody really cares what you're music choices are and I truly doubt that too many people took the time to listen to my lovely choice of song for the day - therefore completely defeating the purpose.

The thing about music is that it's personal to each of us and for those of us that it means more to, we are super passionate about it to the point of threatening someone's life if they even dare to speak when you're favorite song is on the radio. (Not me. Swear...)

So my idea so far is to post songs with deep meaning to ME and instead of just saying "HEY! Go listen to this super-fantastic-I-swear-you'll-love-it song" I'd inform you all WHY it's important to me and how it can also benefit you. (I say benefit because 90% of the music I listen to has a Christian basis so therefore the songs usually have some underlying meaning that is obvious to some and less so to others. Get it?)

So what do you think? I have an sort-of example here and believe it or not, I had a TON of hits on that blog. I'd say it was people just lookin' for the lyrics to the song - but maybe not. Hey- you never know. I may even create badge once we name this madness and you guys could post songs that mean something to you and link up! So what do you think? Anyone in or am I just plain crazy?


  1. I think it's your blog and you should do it. You never know who may stumble across it and be blessed!

    1. Thanks Julie! I think I will - any suggestions for names? I'm really stumped on the name front.

  2. Jenn's Jams - totally corny, but catchy and I love the idea!

    1. Bahaha! I love it!! I immediately think of an old lady canning jam when I say it too - which in a really weird way, totally fits me.


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