Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wear a Dress

Please tell me that there's someone else out there that goes to check their yahoo mail and is immediately sucked in by the pointless and anything-but-informative yahoo news ticker. Cause that's me - every single flippin' time. Sometimes I'll read like half of them just because they're there. Maybe it's my way of making up for the fact that I don't watch the news like ever anymore. There's something about the Disney Channel entertaining my one year old on and off that just appeals to me more than all the negativity that the news can bring.

Anyway. I was going through all the pointless little stories on there the other day and came across this one:  Date Night Outfits Guys Will Love and it caught my attention because:

1) I like to look cute from time to time.
2) I could totally use a date night right about now and
3) Looking good for the guy in your life usually leads to other things. Get it? I'm sure you do.

So I read it and I wept because either:

1) I'm totally lost when it comes to being 'in style' for a simple date night or
2) Fashion has went so flippin' haywire, that it's really just for the rich and famous anyway.

There were a few outfits on the list that I got. Things like wearing your favorite piece, mini-skirts and a romantic top. I mean, what guy doesn't like a mini-skirt and a romantic top has the entire point in it's name anyway.

But printed pants or a cropped top? I'm pretty sure my husband would look at me like I was an alien, not a totally do-able, fashionista. Just sayin'

And what's up with all the dresses? I love a cute dress but did we have to separate them all into their own type? In this one article we have the little black dress, the little white dress, a sweet dress, a bright dress, an easy dress, a v-neck dress and a bold print dress.

So what in the heck did I learn from all of this?

Easy, Peeeeezy. If you're going out on a date night - wear a dress. Duh.
(And maybe quit reading so many yahoo news stories. Maybe.)


  1. Replies
    1. I am totally addicted to shoes. Seriously. It's bad. I love dresses too, but I don't find an occasion to wear them very often.

  2. Oh... so when we have date night, if I have a little extra makeup on or wear a little more jewelry, James jokes that I must have an agenda and that he is more than willing to assist. Hence the baby in my tummy! Jenn, we are not dress girls. It's just not in our DNA.

    1. Bahaha! That is too funny I love it! Jeremy would probably be afraid of where I was taking him if I put on a dress to go on a date. He may even refuse to leave the house.


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