Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Why are we so afraid of the truth? Why are we afraid to admit our faults so that we can find refuge in the knowing that we're not the only ones who fail?

I know that I am the most guilty in never wanting to be wrong. I will hide behind every wall that I can find before I'll step out and say 'it's me, I did it. I'm right here!'. Why is that? Honesty is the best policy after all and when I do get the courage from time to time to admit my fault to someone, they usually assure me that I'm not the only one and I walk away actually feeling better than I did before. So why do I yet remain so afraid?

I know that at times, I am terrified of judgmental eyes - because they are everywhere. They judge everything we do, everything we say, the way we dress, the way we walk, the cars we drive, the jobs we have and yet, we are so quick to judge and although there are many of us out there that pretend not to care, we do. We care more than what we should. The thing is, why should I care? I know how I will be judged in the end. I know that I have a heavenly Father who has assured me that I need not be concerned with these judgments in this lifetime, but instead cling to Him - doing what I know is right by His commandments. And I sure do try - not hard enough most of the time, but again, I'm afraid to admit that most of the time too.

Perhaps this is one of the strongest holds that Satan has on our lives, on my life. Does Psalms not tell us to seek the Lord and He will hear us and deliver us from our fears? Is this where I lack the most? Simply seeking God's guidance and comfort and love. Maybe the only thing keeping me behind a wall is my own lack of trust in the One that I've sworn to give all trust to.

So again I ask, why are we so afraid of the truth? Is it because we're less afraid of judgmental eyes, or more afraid of where we fall short in our own daily lives? Would we be less afraid if we learned to cling to God in our mistakes, confess and hand them over to Him? Would forgiveness find us more often if we were quicker to step from behind those walls and admit where we've fallen short, not only to those that we've wronged, but to ourselves as well? I think so. I think that God has given us instruction to do just that, and we have no excuse to let fear - of any sort - rule our lives. We know the One who controls all and if we're truly trusting in Him, there will be no more room for fear in our lives.

'I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. Psalms 34:4

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  1. we are so afraid bc we are of the flesh and not the spirit. it's the earthly beings that are afraid and society is a terrible and cruel thing. to protect my children from cruelty, we have to teach them to fit in, to comply, to be 'normal'. the judgement starts so early in life and it's a terrible hold on all of humanity.


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