Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Growing Love

As human beings we are flawed. There is not a one of us that are perfect, no... not one. Sometimes we think that we are perfect, and we place ourselves on pedestals higher than others whom we view as less perfect. But the truth is that we are not, and will not ever be, perfect. So why do we expect our husbands to be?

I have been knocked off of my high horse several times lately. I think (no, I know) that God is trying to teach me a lesson about why I may be so unhappy at times as a married woman. It is not because my husband has changed is such crazy ways that the man that I would have sworn was my soul-mate for life five years ago is now someone so completely different that I just can't possibly be happy with him. No, it's not him, it me and my horrible attitude and view of my him.

When I nag him to pick up his shoes and socks after a long day of work, I should actually be grateful that he came straight home after working all day to support me and our family. When I get angry because he questions what I'm doing on my phone or computer, I should actually realize he's not questioning my intentions but is actually interested in my likes/dislikes. When I snap at him after I've had a long day and he won't quit talking, I should actually be grateful that he's inquiring about my day, showing concern and love for the woman he married.

Why are we so quick to judge, to temper and to pick out flaws? Well..the answer is simple, we are human. My main resolution for 2013 was to be more present in my life and to learn to appreciate what I have in a deeper, more meaningful way. I want that appreciation to start with my husband. I am so lucky to have him and I don't thank God for him enough. My main goal this week is to simply begin to view my husband as the man that he is and was when we first met. I want that giddy love, that 'I can't wait to see him' and 'I want to know everything' feeling to return. And I know it can. It just takes effort on my part to realize that he hasn't changed so much, I've just become less attentive to him.

Whatever you nurture, that is the thing that will inevitably grow.


  1. Um... so we totally think exactly alike! So it's not totally along the same lines, I literally just posted a bit ago about anger as well! Mine is more towards the dogs, but just funny to see that you did too! :)

    1. I'm headed your way to read it right now. If I have anger towards anything most of the time, it's my dogs! Haha!


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