Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So What!

I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I 'Dew' for another So What Wednesday. This week I'm saying So What! that:

-I went to the grocery yesterday and bought everything to make homemade cake and icing and forgot cupcake liners...and I really want to make cupcakes and not a cake. I guess we'll be making another trip to town in a bit.

-My entire body hurts from all the work I've been doing the last week or so. I swear I haven't stopped.

-I think Jeremy is going to flip a little when he realizes that having Henry's room carpeted is going to be a little more expensive than he thought.

-I already proved Jeremy wrong once with the carpet when he was so SURE that Henry's room was no larger than a 12x12. I'm the one that's worked in it for the last year, I think I would know better. And yes, I was still of with my guess of 15x15 but I was closer than he was so HA! (It's a 14x14)

-I had my heart set on a carpet that came in a 12' roll but I think I'm going to change my mind to keep from having so much waste and a seam and find one that's a 15'. *SIGH*

-My bestest is stopping by who I haven't seen in months today and I am giddy like a girl who just got kissed for the first time!

-I cannot wait to sit here and watch all the episodes of The Bachelor that I missed. Let's just say that I am super impatient and looked ahead to see who wins and I CANNOT wait (SPOILER ALERT) for Tierra to be sent home. The girl is messed up.

-I'm thinking of dying my hair, something that I haven't done for...7 years? I'm thinking just adding highlights, especially since I think I've decided to grow it out again. (Don't worry, I'll change my mind tomorrow.)

-I miss my grandmother this week. There, I said it. We went and seen her for a few hours last night but it's just not enough. This week is just busy and I'm not going to be able to put in the time that I usually do.

-Henry made out like a thief for Valentine's day. Since when does having a kid make you invisible? Where's MY Valentine candy, cards and stuffed animals?!


  1. Oh girl... I was NOT a Tierra fan either. Can we say psycho?! Drew has his vday celebrations tomorrow and I can't WAIT to eat all the chocolate that he gets. he he. :)

  2. You need a day to just relax, you deserve it!

  3. I need to know who wins!! Where can I find this info??

    Stopping by from So What Wednesday!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. Every momma needs to feel good about herself- get the highlights or color. It always makes me feel good when I get it done :) Bless you dear girl!

  5. I got my hair colored for the first time this week...why did I wait so long?!!!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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