Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Vacation from Vacation?

A vacation from vacation? Sound fabulous right about now! The last two days have been jam-packed FULL for us around here. So full that I have yet to unpack our bags.


I'd love to finish the recaps on our vacation, but unfortunately I haven't even got around to looking at most of my photos.


I have however push-mowed two very large lawns that had to equal at LEAST a bazillion acres of what appeared to be a jungle full of wild weeds and sticks for me to trip and stumble on. I wish I had counted the amount of times the mower stalled out and I had to restart the darn thing. Let's just say that my arm is not happy from all that pulling today! I also planted two new hostas for earth day and a flat of flowers - because for some reason I felt like I'd be committing a crime if I didn't plant SOMETHING in lieu of the holiday. I also planned, marked and tilled a place for my garden, dug the trenches and placed the timbers with the help of my husband. It's beautiful - and just the right size. I can't wait to plant some things. (After Mother's Day of course...) I weeded, weed-whacked, pulled out the blower and even squeezed in a trip to the grocery, a visit to my grandmother and a couple of dinners in there.

I'm exhausted folks. Ex-hau-sted.

Tomorrow our couches finally come back. FINALLY. It will be so nice to have real inside furniture again! I also have to pay bills...they were due like 4 days ago.

Seriously. Whoops!

Maybe I'll finally unpack, clean house, work on the piles of laundry and dishes everywhere, and actually make a REAL trip to the grocery (so we don't have to eat hotdogs cut up in macaroni because it was all that was left in the cupboards) too?

Now where's the sign-up for that vacation?


  1. Oh girl, I know the feeling. We live on 1 1/2 acres and I swear the whole thing is grass. I feel like sometimes all we do is mow, weed eat, then mow again. But nice work doing that all yourself!! You are definitely a rock star!! I can't wait to see all your vacation pics.

    1. We only have 1/4 acre here in town, but my in-laws yard is 3 and I did both. It rained the entire week we were gone so the grass had gotten almost as high as my knees in places. It was a good work-out though!

  2. You accomplished so much! How are you not completely and totally spent?!
    If you figure out how to work in a vacation after vacation please pass that info my way. :)

    1. Oh but I am...completely and totally exhausted and spent, haha! I think I'm going to start the laundry and then sit on my butt and watch tv for a couple hours this morning. It'll be like a mini-vacation, right?

  3. It takes a few days to re-coop! Hope you had an amazing time!!

  4. Girlfriend! I feel you!! I was so lazy on Monday and Tuesday after spending a week on "vacation" with Mom and two girlfriends last week here in TX. I did a little more today and actually showered and look more presentable. Sometimes you really need a break after vacation, another vacation all together!


You don't know just how lovely you are...thank you.