Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Minute Friday: She

She falls from grace on a weekly, daily, hourly basis. With a deep sigh and a heavy heart, she pulls herself back into the presence of the only One who can take her broken mess and turn it back into the beautiful whole that He meant it to be.  Patiently she waits while He pieces the tiny parts back together, needle and thread working diligently as the healing washes over her time and time again. He whispers sweet words of love, deep and unending, encouragement, and hope as the arms that support the world wrap themselves around her, just her, and remind her that she is really this special. Tears of thankfulness and joy creep down her face as this grace overcomes all that she is.

She walks away with her head held high, ready to fight another week, day, hour. He knows that she will fall again, that she will fail again, that she will return to Him with the broken pieces, exhausted, tired, full of grief and regret, and yet He smiles at her as she walks away. He smiles because this is His daughter and He sees her heart and how it longs to please Him. He will mend and shape and allow her this love and grace as long as it takes because she is really this special, and He really loves her this much.


  1. Wow...great post! I love your last line...I changed it in my mind to I really am this special and He really loves me this month!!

    Oh and I love how fun and bright your blog design is!

  2. Oh I just love this!!! Your writing is so beautiful!

  3. Ah, Amen! Just the knowing that we really are THAT special!! Satan wants to hide this truth, rip it away from us in any way he can.

    It's truly such a battle won to walk away with our heads held high knowing He's got us. Every. Single. Time.

    Coming by from Lisa-Jo's!


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