Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Host your website with Domain.com!

No, seriously, do it.

I had several of you ask me where I host my blog from, so I thought I would (shamelessly) plug Domain.com.

Although I just bought my domain for These Ripples and Waves, I've actually been hosting my photography website through them for several years.

They're awesome to work through, and very inexpensive too. They also run special promotions and if you type 'domain.com coupons' into your search bar, you'll find that there are several out there to get you an even better price.

I had an issue with this last domain purchase and they solved it right away. Their customer service was quick, easy, and overall awesome - something you don't see everyday anymore.

When I saw they had an affiliate program, I jumped on that bandwagon just as fast as I could because - guys, I LOVE them.

If you're looking to have your own .com for your blog, or other website, I highly recommend domain.com. I'm in the process of working up a how-to post as well so that if you need a little extra help setting it up, it'll be so easy you'll wonder why you didn't do it years ago!
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  1. Yay!! I'm excited to learn about this!

  2. I've always wondered about this! Thanks for sharing some helpful info :)

  3. This is perfect...I am looking for somewhere to build a website...I will check them out!

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

  4. Ugh, wish your company would have had mine available. Too bad whoever owns ourjourneyblog.com wants $700 for it!! Um... NO THANKS!

  5. Oooh, I have to look into this. I've been toying with the idea of changing to a .com for awhile now.


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