Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Day in my Life [April]

Spring is finally here and we have taken full advantage and spent every minute outdoors that is possible.

But the saying rings true: April showers bring May flowers.

And so we've had a lot of indoor play too which often ends in a meltdown because we just can't go outside.

Henry's newest obsession is playdoh and I have to say, I don't remember it being such a mess. It can get EVERYWHERE...and I mean everywhere.

Of course, Henry's favorite thing will always be pretending to be a dog. And cars. Well...anything with wheels really.

My boy is so fearful and wild some days, climbing to the tops of everything, jumping off couches, and running circles around his Mama.

But other days he's nothing but sweet and kind and loving, giving big, tight hugs and kisses.

I love both his sweet innocence and kind heart and wild side all the same. It is equal parts that make him Henry, and also make him boy. My boy.

There's also this, this photo which Mama has not seen yet and has no idea how much she is going to love. I know she thought I was bonkers when I said, 'trust me, you're going to cherish this simple shot years from now' and I hope to continue getting it every single time I take their photos. But she will, because I mean...just look. Look at that precious face - the same and yet changed, and Mama's's priceless. This is why I love photography.

Oh yeah...and there's me. Still working on becoming the best I can be. Down 35 pounds, feeling wonderful about how far I've come and yet, a little discouraged about how far I've yet to go. But I'll get there...just keep on believing in me.

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  1. The play doh, SUCH a mess. Ughhhh. And every day it's, "Let's play with my play doh!" lol

  2. Henry's eyes are astounding in the first picture!

  3. Love all of these everyday photos!

  4. That boy's! Such long eyelashes.

    That's exactly why I love photography too and why I'm obsessed with taking pics of our family. Beautiful shots you captured!

    And great job on your success. 35 pounds is AMAZING!

  5. Awe, I love these pictures! Have you ever been told that your son looks just like you? :p

    Don't get discouraged! Everything in life is a process and the fact that you made progress makes you AMAZING!

  6. Love those photos. The sink bath ones are my absolute fave!

  7. We need to bust out the playdoh. It's a crazy messy time, but I know how much the little love it. You're a brave momma to tackle that playtime activity so often!
    The sink bath picture - perfection!


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